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Why Do Some Lawn Mowers Have Rollers? (What Are They For?)

Keeping your lawn looking nice can be an important part of summer. Mowing over it will make a world of difference when it comes to keeping the grass short, making the front of the house look nice, and ensuring that the mosquitoes are not able to hide inside. While you are taking a look at some of the different lawn mowers out there, you may notice that a few have rollers and become curious as to what these rollers are all about. 

Lawn mowers have rollers on them to help create the stripes in your yard. This will give a better appearance to the lawn when you are done mowing, while also helping to get over the bumps in the lawn a little bit better. This is often about appearances and making your lawn look great, and it does a fantastic job of cutting the grass and giving the even lines that you may want. 

Let’s take a closer look at what these rollers can do for your lawn and why they are found on some of the mowers you may choose. 

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Why Do Some Lawn Mowers Have Rollers?

There are some lawn mowers that have rollers on them, while some do not. One of the main reasons that the lawn mower will have a roller on it is to help add stripes to the lawn that look really nice. If you want to have more of the stripe feature in your yard that really look nice and can add to the curb appeal of the whole yard, then a lawn mower with rollers is the best option. 

Those stripes in the yard can look really nice. While it is not necessary to add these stripes when you mow over your yard, they can enhance the curb appeal and make it noticeable that you went through all the hard work of mowing in the first place. You can get a few lines when you use a traditional mower, but it is not the same as what you will see when you do the stripes with a mower that has rollers on it. 

It is all about your personal taste with this one. A rotary mower that has a roller has a little extra weight attached to it compared to one that does not have this. That weight is placed on the roller and causes the grass to get ironed out flat, even though there is no heat applied to the area to make that happen. It will give the nice stripes that some homeowners like in their yard, without adding heat that can damage the grass. 

Outside of the visual striping effect that can look nice, mowers that have rollers will come with a few other benefits that may make it worth your time to get one. These include:

  • The bumps that show up in your lawn are not as easily scalped as the roller will help your mower ride over them, rather than having the mower straddle it like we see with some of the other types of mowers. 
  • The roller provides a slight bit of firming action. This will help to flatten all the divots and the worm casts that may show up. 
  • You can usually get closer to the edge of your lawn with a mower that has a roller. This is because it will not drop over the edge as much as the wheels can. 

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why a roller on the lawn mower is a good idea. They can make the grass look nice and even and the appearance is often some of the best. You do need to be careful with the added weight that comes with the mower though because that roller will make it heavier to handle. 

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When Not to Get a Lawn Mower with a Roller

There are some benefits to having a lawn mower with a roller, but there are some instances when you should not choose this kind of lawn mower at all. If you are worried about the cost of the new lawn mower that you are purchasing, then one with rollers may not be the best option. These types of lawn mowers are often more expensive, though they will last a long time so the return on investment is good. 

Another issue is that they often take longer to mow through the grass because of the weight and how they work. If you have a really big yard that already takes forever to mow over, or you want to get the grass done quickly so you or the kids can sit outside and play, then a lawn mower with a roller is not the best option for you. 

For some homeowners, the weight of the mower is too much. These are heavier than a traditional mower and for some, it is not going to work well for your needs. If you struggle to lift heavier things or worry about the weight of the lawn mower, then it may be better to go with a traditional option instead. 

Choosing a Lawn Mower with Rollers on It

Having a lawn mower with rollers on it is a great way to take care of your yard, to make mowing easier, and to really get the appearance that you are looking for when you go back and forth across the lawn. This is really about making the lawn look nice and getting the nice stripes that make it look more attractive. 

If you are not that into the appearance of the lawn, other than to have it short and neat, and you are in a hurry to get the work done each week, then a lawn mower with rollers is not going to be the best option for you to choose. For those who not only want to mow, but want to make the lawn look amazing, then a lawn mower with some rollers on it will make a big difference. 

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