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The Best Printable Measuring Tapes: A List Of 3 Free Measuring Tapes

Free Printable Measuring Tape

It’s no secret that I strongly encourage every homeowner to have a tape measure readily available to them.  In addition to having one close by, homeowners should also take some time to learn how to read a measuring tape and understand tape measure increments.

But I also know that it’s not always practical to always have a measuring tape handy. Thank goodness for the internet!  Even Google can help us out in these situations.  In this post I want to share with you what I’ve found to be the top 3 free printable measuring tapes.

Did you know you could do a quick search online, find and print a printable measuring tape.  I didn’t even know this was an option until the other day when I needed a tape measure to cut a piece of cardboard out for the back of a picture frame.  My measuring tapes were all at home and I was work.  

A quick search online yielded a number of options in helping me solve my dilema.  I did, however, find that there were some good options as well as some not so good options.  So I thought I would break down the top 3 printable measuring tapes that I found to be most useful.

The Best Printable Measuring Tape

1. The Printable Measuring Tape From Rupert The Tailor

Best printable measuring tape for free

The reason I’ve chosen this as the best printable measuring tape is because in a pinch you don’t have to use glue or tape.  All you need is a pair of scissors to cut it out.  It is designed to fold back on itself to join the ends and create a longer measuring tape. This one goes all the way to 71 inches.  Just shy of 6 ft.  It also has both inches and centimeters.

This printable measuring tape is available in a PDF format for easy download and save to your computer for future use.

2. The  Click, Print, Rule!

free printable measuring tape for homeowners

The printable measuring tapes available on this website came a very close second to being the top pick.  What I like about this website is the variety of rulers and measuring tapes that are available. There are even printable protractors available!

The site has has excellent clear instructions on how to properly print the measuring tapes out to maintain accuracy.  Another bonus is they give you an option to to choose from different sizes of paper, A4 or Letter..

The one down side, and the only reason I placed them in second, is because in order to make a longer measuring tape, you must glue or staple the ends of each piece together.  There is not an option to fold the ends on themselves like the number one pick offers.

The printable measuring tapes on this site are also available in a PDF format for easy download and save to your computer for future use.

3. Printable Paper Rulers

The best free printable measuring tape comes in third on the list today.  But that is not to say that this website comes highly recommended.  It offers an excellent selection of free printable measuring tapes.

They offer a wide selection of varying size rulers in both inches and centimeters.  The tips and instructions on this site are also very thorough.

Unfortunately, this one requires you to attach the ends of each ruler together end to end with tape in order to make the longer type printable measuring tapes.  There are no overlaps to staple or glue together.

The printable measuring tapes on this site are also available in a PDF format for easy download and save to your computer for future use.

Looking For A Real Measuring Tape?

I hope the recommendations above will get you through whatever project it is you’re working on.  But if you decide you’re looking for a real tape measure, there is one in particular that I recommend for homeowners.  It is the Stanley 16 ft measuring tape.

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03/07/2024 09:18 pm GMT

What I like about this tape measure, and the reason I think it is the perfect tape measure for homeowners is because it’s lightweight, compact and durable.  As a cabinet maker, I have used a number of these over the years.  And now that I am not building cabinets full time any longer, they have made their way to my house, where we use them all the time.

So consider the Stanley 16 foot if and when you are ready to graduate from using a printable measuring tape.

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