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7 Tools You Need to Remove Paint From a Deck

Tools You Need to Remove Paint From a Deck

Have you ever tried removing old paint from your deck so you can get it ready to slap on another fresh coat of paint or stain? Let me tell you, removing paint from your deck not only takes time and effort, but sweat and tears too.

Depending on how much paint is on the deck, and the type of deck paint that was used, you’re going to need some time and a lot of patience to get all that old paint off before adding more paint or deck stain.

Fortunately, there are a few good tools you can make sure to have on hand that will help you remove all the paint from your deck in no time.

Tools You Need to Remove Paint From a Deck

Of course you may not need all of these tools to get the job done. But knowing what options are available can make the work a significantly easier for you.

For example, you may want to start with a manual paint scraper and some mineral spirits or paint stripper . Then move on to another option if those don’t work out for you. I like to start simple and inexpensive, then work my way up. Then again, power tools can make quick work if time is a factor.

So, when you’re ready to tackle the deck painting job, check out this list of the tools you need to remove paint from a deck.

  1. Manual Paint Scraper
  2. Manual Paint Scraper

    A manual paint scraper is going to be the most basic tools for getting paint off your deck. In fact, no matter where you would like to remove the paint, the manual paint scraper will be useful to get this done.

    It is very useful for getting the paint off of the tight spaces and corners, even if you do plan to use some of the electrical tools too. If the area you want to scrape is small, then the manual paint scraper can be the most efficient method to use. 

    This tool is sharp enough to help remove the paint, though not sharp enough in most cases to cause any damage to you or slice your skin. It does take a long time so you will not want to use it over a large area.

    But for small paint removal, for tight corners, and to pick up the last little bit of paint that are left, then the manual paint scraper is a good choice. 

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  3. Electric Power Grinder
  4. Electric Power Grinder

    It is also possible to use an electric grinder to help you remove the paint. There are different strengths that come with this one and you do need to use some caution along the way.

    If you have the speed going too quickly and press down too hard, then the grinder can start to ruin your wood deck and you will need to fix that problem too. 

    If you choose to go with an electric grinder, you need to pick a gentle speed to get started and slowly add in higher speed. Just use it on some of the areas that are a little harder to get the paint off to make the work a little bit faster.

    You could do this over the whole deck, but it does take some time and patience to get this done the right way.

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  5. Protective Eyewear
  6. Protective Eyewear

    Using protective eyewear is something that should be at the top of most DIY jobs, including paint scraping. Even if you just plan to use a manual paint scraper, having the right eyewear and gloves on can be important.

    If you plan to use some of the other tools on our list, like an electrical grinder, you will definitely need to have this kind of protection to keep your hands and eyes safe. 

    At a minimum, make sure that you have some protective eyewear and gloves to keep you safe. The protective eyewear can make sure that nothing flies up and gets into your eyes. And the gloves will keep all of the harmful chemicals and heat away from your hands. 

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  7. Heat Gun
  8. Heat Gun

    Another tool that you can use is a heat gun. This is a high-tech option that is great for removing paint from your deck and other wood surfaces. If you use the heat gun, you will need to wear gloves the whole time. This is because the gun can get up to 1000 degrees. You can adjust the heat a little bit to make it work better. 

    When you are ready to use the heat gun, you just need to turn it on and when it is nice and warm, you can wave it back and forth about the paint. You should keep it an inch or so above the surface that you need to remove. You need to move the gun the whole time. Leaving it in one spot too long will scorch the wood and cause a bunch of other problems. 

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  9. Mineral Spirits
  10. Mineral Spirits

    When the paint is really stuck on the deck, you may want to use mineral spirits. You should not add it to unfinished wood and it is not the best with latex paint, but it will work with some of the oil-based paints and if your wood has been treated, it can work. Only use it on a small area and not the whole deck. 

    Mineral spirits is a compound that is petroleum-based and can effectively remove paint from your deck. It works well to remove some of the different parts of paint on your deck, especially the stuff that is stuck and won’t come off with other methods. 

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  11. Sandpaper
  12. Sandpaper

    If some of the wood is uneven or has problems with smoothness when you are done removing the paint, you may want to work with some sandpaper. This can smooth out the whole deck.

    Depending on how well the deck was treated before you removed the paint, you may need to do a good deal of sandpaper and should consider working with a motorized tool to make this faster.

    If you are only working with a few smaller areas, then a few sheets of sandpaper will do just fine. 

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  13. Powered Pressure Washer
  14. Powered Pressure Washer

    The pressure washer can be useful when removing paint from your deck. Before you work on removing the paint, you should use the pressure washer to help clean off the deck.

    You will not be able to add some more paint to the deck if there is a big mess. And cleaning the deck will help you add the mineral spirits on and get better results.

    Once most of the paint is removed, you will need the pressure washer to help remove the rest of the paint chips and get all of the chemicals out of the way. 

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