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The Best Degreaser For Household Cleaning (Reviews)

best degreaser for household cleaning

The Best Degreaser For Household Cleaning 

All of us experience grease.  And most of the time, we spend time trying to get rid of it. We experience grease splatters in the kitchen, on the stove and even on the kitchen cabinets. We even experience grease in the garage as it falls from our car and onto the floor.

Often times, plain old soap and water won’t get the job done.  So we turn to something a bit stronger…we turn to degreaser.

Fortunately, when it comes to finding a good degreaser, we have options based on our individual needs. We can buy over the counter commercial degreasers, or we can even maker our own DIY home made degreaser.

The purpose of this post is to help you narrow down what kind of degreaser you need bases on your need or project.  Keep reading to not only learn what is the best degreaser for home, shop and auto, but also for tips, tricks and answers to some commonly asked questions regarding the use of degreasers.

Household Degreaser Quick List

The Best Degreaser For Household Cleaning Reviews

1. Meguiar’s D10801 Super Degreaser (Top Pick)

About Meguiar’s Super Degreaser

The reason I chose Meguilar’s as the best overall degreaser is primarily because of the strength and amount of product you get for the price. 

One of the things that pushes Meguilar’s into the best of category is because of its overall strength as well as how fast it penetrates heavy grease and grime.

Another reason I like this product is because it does not leave the residue behind that many other degreasers tend to do. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I believe whether or not residue is left behind can make or break a degreaser as being good or not.

The fragrance that this degreaser leaves behind is not offensive or super “citrusy” as some degreasers are.  The Meguilar’s leaves behind more of a pleasant herbal scent.


  • Strength
  • Excellent degreaser for cloth
  • Speed of grease penetration
  • No residue
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Price


  • Must use your own spray bottle
  • May not be the best for heavy baked on engine grease build-up
  • Must use at a strong ratio for heavy build up

2. Siege Kitchen Degreaser  (Best Kitchen Degreaser)

About Siege Kitchen Degreaser

There’s a lot of kitchen degreasers out there that claim to do miracles. How did I decide that Siege kitchen degreaser was the best degreaser for kitchens? Bob Villa.  Siege Kitchen Degreaser is recommended by Bob himself on

While looking for the best kitchen degreaser, there were several things I wanted it to do.  I needed a product that was:

  • A degreaser for the stove
  • A degreaser for the grill
  • A degreaser for kitchen cabinets

Siege fit the bill. When compared to other kitchen degreasers, you might find that Siege is a little more expensive. But I found that the added expense is worth it as you will not find a better kitchen degreaser.  None other will cut through kitchen grime and kitchen grease easier and faster than Siege.

Another added benefit of Siege Kitchen Degreaser is that it does not have the typical odor that most other cleaners and degreasers have. As a matter of fact, Siege is completely odorless!

Another reason this is the best kitchen degreaser is because it goes a very long way. You are not required to use a lot of the product to take care of the greasy mess. A little goes a long, long way.  Another reason this kitchen degreaser is worth its price.


  • Recommended by professionals
  • works as a degreaser for the stove, grill and kitchen cabinets
  • Strength
  • Odorless
  • A little goes a long way


  • Price
  • Can be difficult to find in stores
  • Not sold in bulk (that I have found)

3. Oil Eater Cleaner Degreaser

About Oil Eater Engine Degreaser

It doesn’t take a whole lot to get fresh oil and grease off a car engine.  The real challenge comes when it’s time to get the old caked on oil and grease that’s accumulated on the engine block over the years to locate that pesky oil leak.

Oil Eater Cleaner and Degreaser is the best engine degreaser because it can do just that.  It is used by auto detailers as well as mechanics everywhere.  It’s more powerful than the other engine degreasers like Engine Bright, Purple Power and Simple Green.

This engine degreaser also does a good job as a concrete degreaser, although you will need to use the product at its full strength.

One user of Oil Eaters has also used it as a degreaser for clothes. Just put the degreaser in a spray bottle and use it as spot treatment.

The price on Oil Eaters can’t be beat. At the time of this post, a gallon of Oil Eater engine degreaser was under $20.


  • Engine degreaser recommended by professionals
  • Versatile. Functions as degreaser for clothes and concrete degreaser
  • Strength. Works on old engine grease
  • Price
  • Comes in gallon or smaller 32 oz spray bottle
  • Biodegradable engine degreaser


  • Use your own spray bottle if buying the gallon bulk engine degreaser
  • Requires full strength on old build up
  • May require multiple applications to completely remove very old grease


What To Look For In A Good Degreaser?

What makes a good degreaser in the end is whether or not it worked for you and was able to get the job done.  I’ve been disappointed in many different recommended cleaners over the years, while others have more than exceeded expectations.

Below I list some of the things that I found that make a good degreaser. What makes a good degreaser is this:

  • Did it loosen the accumulated grease and other grime?
  • Did the degreaser leave a residue?
  • Did the degreaser cause damage to the surface?


What’s The Difference Between A Cleaner And A Degreaser?

Unsure what the difference between cleaners and degreasers is? It’s understandable because it seems that almost everything is labeled as an all purpose cleaner, degreaser or even as a cleaner-degreaser. So is there even a difference?

What Is A Degreaser?

Simply put, a degreaser is a chemical product that removes grease. But as we all know, some all purpose cleaners also remove grease. Essentially, degreasers are a sub-type of cleaners. So technically, all degreasers are cleaners, but not all cleaners are degreasers.

What Is A Cleaner?

All purpose cleaners are a pH neutral product that are designed for cleaning areas that are lightly soiled or dusty.  All purpose cleaners often times do not hold enough strength to always cut through and clean the grease. Whereas using a degreaser in a lightly soiled or dusty area would probably be over kill.

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