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Keeping a Freezer in a Hot Garage (What You Need To Know)

Did you know that a garage can be an ultimate storage place for your freezer in case you enjoy entertainment in your backyard or you have older children and you don’t want them shlepping in and out of your kitchen all day? A garage fridge can help you declutter the fridge in your kitchen in case it is full and there is no space left to store any more items.

A garage freezer can be superb storage for kid’s refreshments, food for the grill, or even things that can’t fit properly in your kitchen freezer. Regrettably, when summer strikes the garage environment becomes unconducive because of being very hot and humid.

how to keep freezer in hot garage

These unconducive conditions can wreak havoc on your freezer. If your garage climate is not regulated it can be very strenuous to your freezer during a sweltering summer season. But worry not! Because this article will help you to navigate smoothly with your freezer in a garage without encountering any hiccups particularly in summer.

Does hot weather affect a freezer?

Definitely yes! Hot air temperatures can have unfavorable effects on your freezer particularly the months of summer. The aggravated air temperature will force your freezer to work harder to maintain your food and drinks cool and fresh. Air needs to circulate freely to broadcast heat from the condenser.

Studies have revealed that the warmer the freezer gets the more the likelihood of the heat-loving thriving successfully. The other downside of running a freezer during hot weather is that the hardworking compressor will utilize more energy to maintain its normal temperature.

An overheated compressor can still operate normally by providing optimum cooling and heating conditions but when the temperature in the interior side of the compressor exceeds, it can lead to the breakage of oil in the compressor. This breakage reduces the lubrication and cooling effect of oil in the compressor hence inhibiting the proper functioning of your freezer.

Will a freezer work in a hot garage?

A freezer can work in your hot garage but there are some conditions you must observe before placing it there:

  • Make sure the space you are situating in your freezer in the garage is clean and dry.
  • It’s vital to ensure that your garage is insulated and climate-controlled.
  • Keep your freezer away from the window and direct sunlight as this will make it harder to maintain the ambient and right interior temperature.

Tips for running a freezer in a hot garage.

Having the luxury of possessing your freezer in your garage can prove to be both a curse and blessing during summer. In case you wanted the convenience of a garage outdoor freezer, the following tips are going to keep you abreast on how to keep your freezer running at optimum performance in a hot garage.

Keep your freezer fully stocked.

This may seem to be very strange but a full freezer works magic! Ensuring that your freezer is fully stocked will help in spreading cool temperatures within the appliance and this will cushion your freezer from working overtime.

Stocking items consistently in your freezer is helpful in the maintenance of a steady internal temperature. Filling your freezer with items leaves less room for warm air, this helps the appliance to preserve cool temperatures when opened on a hot day.

Keep it cool.

It is vital to ensure that the temperature inside your garage does not exceed 110˚F because its not a conducive location to place your freezer. Sweltering conditions during summer can trigger the burning out of the freezer due to overuse. This burning of this appliance may result from a continuous fight to compete for the ambient temperature, so it will be forced to work harder for a longer period.

 Is your garage too warm? If yes, you need to solicit other options to cool it. These ways include:

  • Use of fans.
  • Vents.
  • Insulation.
  • Supplemental air conditioning.

In case you are experiencing strange temperature spikes, you can employ short term measures like covering up the windows to mitigate direct heat from the sunlight.


The best place to locate your freezer in your garage is on a dry, flat, and cool floor. Freezers which are situated in cool places tend to save energy.

 Its imperative as a freezer owner to check and evaluate product specifications before you decide to keep your freezer in a heated area like a garage. Ensure you place your freezer away from the window but the top and the back should have sufficient air circulation to shun away overheating.


A freezer encompasses several parts like a compressor and a thermostat. In case you want your freezer to work effectively and efficiently, all its components should be in perfect condition.

The chances of your food getting spoilt are aggravated when any part of the freezer is not working properly(malfunctioned). Whenever your freezer experiences any malfunction, it’s crucial to seek the services of a professional repairman or company which will assist in diagnosing the mechanical problem.

Keep it charged.

The kitchen is designed for many home appliances and this may not be the same case with your garage. If your garage is devoid of the right electrical wiring there is an imminent risk of your freezer not receiving enough power.

This will culminate into further stress on your freezer as it fights to produce cold air in a hot environment. Your freezer must be supplied with 60Hz, Ac only, and a 115-volt electrical outlet. In case you are unaware if your garage is furnished with precise electrical wiring you should seek the services of a professional and reputable electrician.

Conduct basic maintenance.

Are you among the homeowners who don’t appreciate that some basic maintenance can have a huge impact on the freezer’s performance? If yes you should change this attitude because simple maintenance tasks like cleaning of coils a couple of times annually can mitigate strain on the appliance and improve efficiency.


In accordant with the Department of Energy, ENERGY STAR qualified freezers utilize 15% lower energy than non-qualified models. When you decide to place your freezer in your garage it’s recommended to opt for those designs that possess the Energy Star label. It’s prudent to choose those freezers with tight door seals to help save energy consumption.

Take care with perishables.

Freezers face operational failure whenever they are placed in locations with extreme conditions. This situation is aggravated because you will not always be in your garage to establish this hitch immediately.

It’s advisable to minimize the risk of spoilage by preserving your freezer in a garage for non-perishable products. These non-perishable products include water, sodas, beer, and other pantry items.

Do freezers use more energy in a hot garage?

Absolutely yes! Placing your freezer in a hot garage and high humidity consumes up to 50% more energy than normal. Maintaining your freezer at optimum temperature in extremely hot conditions forces the compressor to work harder.

In case the compressor cycles on and off more than the normal times, then the energy usage increases culminating in higher utility costs. If you are using your freezer in an uninsulated garage and becomes susceptible to drastic temperature changes, this will further exacerbate your electricity costs.

Can you keep the refrigerator in a hot garage?

Keeping your refrigerator regularly in your garage exceeding 110˚F is not a conducive environment. Sweltering conditions especially in the summer season characterized by hot and humid weather make your refrigerator burn out due to overuse.

The compressor within your appliance will continue working harder to compete for the ambient and optimum temperature. This will force your freezer to work for longer durations than normal.

What is a garage ready refrigerator?

It refers to one generator that possesses a minuscule heater that plays tricks on the thermostat inside the fridge into operating your compressor to ensure that your packaged freezer products are kept frozen. Its described as a fridge that possesses more than one temperature sensor, a wide range of acceptable operating temperatures, or any other feature that will make it popular with garage enthusiasts. These fridges are designed in a way that they can cope with extreme humidity and temperatures in standard units especially garages.

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