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How To Store a Lawn Mower Outside (Without a Shed)

how to store lawn mower outside

Your lawn mower is probably the single most important piece of equipment you own when it comes to keeping the yard looking nice. Without it, your job of lawn maintenance would be almost impossible. Sure, you can still fertilize and water the grass all you want, but without the mower, your SOL when making it look nice.

So it’s important to take care of the one thing that is going to have that big of an impact on our yard. And finding the right place to store your lawn mower when it is not in use is often the most challenging part of owning one…at least in my experience. 

Many homeowners choose to have a shed to help take care of their lawn mower and keep it protected from the elements. But what if you don’t have a shed to store you lawn mower in?

That’s what this article is all about…how to store your lawn mower outside without a shed to keep it in.

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How To Store Your Lawnmower Outside

Many homeowners need to find a place to put their lawn mower while it’s outside. They either don’t have a garage, shop or shed to keep it in. They may wonder what options are available to them to keep the mower safe and ensure that they can take good care of it for the long term. The good news is there are a few options that you can choose when properly storing your lawn mower outside. These methods will include:

Use a Lawn Mower Cover 

One of the best (and easiest) things that you can do for your mower if you have to leave it outside without a shed is to use a cover.

A cover will make sure that the mower is protected against the elements, specifically the rain. You’ll not have to worry about rain rusting out the parts, tree sap or other chemicals getting onto the mower and running it, or anything getting into the oil and the gas to potentially cause engine issues. Buying a cover to put over your lawn mower when stored outside is a low cost insurance in protecting your mower and is one of the best options on this list.

When shopping around for a cover for you mower, make sure you find one that will fit your specific mower. Since mowers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles make sure you get one that is meant to fit yours.

Your specific model and make of mower may have a cover that is designed with it, but these are often more expensive than some of the others off brand options.  

Park The Mower Under Trees

Another option that you can use to help make sure your mower will stay safe when it is left outside is to leave it under some trees. This can protect the mower at least a little bit during the rain and against some of the other elements.

Be careful with this one though. When you take the mower out to work on the yard, make sure to brush anything that has gotten on it all the way off and make it clean. If there is any sap from the trees, you may need to consider putting it somewhere else so that the outside of the mower doesn’t get damaged. Cleaning sap off a mower can be an absolute nightmare.

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Store It Under a Porch

If you have a porch that’s large enough, this may be a good option. This is even better if that porch has side walls to prevent rain and wind from reaching the mower. This option may not be as good as using a shed, but it does offer nearly just as much protection. In addition, it keeps your property looking nice since the mower is out of sight, and not stored out in the open.

Keep it Close to the Home

If for some reason the other ideas listed here aren’t an option for you, then you may need to get creative with with ways you can store a lawn mower outside.

With that said, keeping the lawn mower as close to the house as possible may help protect it from some of the elements that it can face. 

While this may not be a long-term solution, especially during the rainy winter months where rust can occur, it may work during the summer when you plan to use the mower often. It’s also somewhat easier to keep an eye on it when it’s stored close to the house.

Storing A Lawn Mower Outside Without A Shed

Many homeowners find that having a shed is one of the best ways to keep their lawn mower safe all year long, whether they need temporary storage to help out during the summer or they need to store it during the winter and keep it out of the rain.

However, the use of a shed is not always possible. Backyard sheds can be expensive to buy and difficult to make for those who do not have the right skills.

If you don’t already have a shed on your property and you don’t want to incur the expense of purchasing a new one, then using some of the helpful tips above can be the right choice for you!

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