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How to Keep Bathroom Mirrors From Fogging Up (4 Different Ways)

foggy bathroom mirror

It happens to all of us. You step out of the shower and walk over to the mirror.  But the mirror is completely fogged up.  You wipe it with a towel, but it doesn’t matter…the mirror fogs up again right away. How do you keep your mirror from fogging up?

I’m not sure about you, but even with my bathroom fan on, my mirrors still steam up. Sometimes if I crack the window and turn the fan on the top of the mirror may not fog up, but the rest of it still does.

Knowing how to stop the bathroom mirror from steaming up might be easier than you think.  The best part is, you probably already have everything you need to do it.  


foggy mirror with smiley fact

How to Keep Bathroom Mirrors From Fogging Up

1. Dish Soap

To prevent a foggy bathroom mirror, simply take a small amount of dish soap, apply it to a rag and wipe the mirror down.  Take another clean rag and wipe off the excess soap. I’ve done this with dish soap I have in the kitchen, shampoo and bar soap.  They all seem to keep the mirror fog free for about the same amount of time.

How to prevent the foggy bathroom mirror and stop bathroom mirror steaming up
Dish soap used on the left mirror

2. Shaving Cream

Another trick to prevent a foggy bathroom mirror is to wipe a fair amount of foaming shaving cream all over the mirror and simply wipe off the excess. For me, this method actually works better than the dish soap.  There’s something in the shaving cream that stays on the mirror longer, preventing the foggy bathroom mirror for longer period of time before needing to reapply.

However, you should note that not every type of shaving cream works. The type of shaving cream that I tested this out on was the gel type. I’ve been told that the foaming type of shaving cream does not work as well as the g

That’s it.  Next time you take a hot steamy shower, the mirror will be crystal clear and ready to be used.  No more battling with wiping it down every 30 seconds or clearing it with the hair dryer.  


3. Rain-X® Bathroom Mirror Anti Fog

If you want to use a commercial product instead of a house hold one, I highly recommend Rain-X® Bathroom Mirror Anti-Fog product.  I’ve used this stuff, and it works great.  I’m not exactly sure what the difference is in formulas between the car interior glass anti-fog spray and this product, but I do know this one works.  If you already own the car anti fog, then give it a shot. If not, give this one a try. It’s sure to work.

4. WD-40

Chances are, you’ve already got this one on hand. But, while I was writing this post, I kept thinking about other things that might work to prevent mirrors fogging up.  WD-40 kept crossing my mind.  And while I’m sitting here, I wish I’d had the chance to test it out for you.

But I knew there would be someone out there that had tested it.  I ran across this blogger’s post from The Art of Doing    And….it looks like the answer to the question, does WD-40 help prevent fogged up mirrors?  No, no it doesn’t.

Now I know there are a million other ways to keep your bathroom mirrors from fogging up. Please share them with all of us by commenting below.  I would love to hear what you’ve got in your bag of tricks.

How To Stop Your Mirror From Fogging Up (VIDEO)

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