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How to Get the Smell of Gas off Your Hands (13 Tips!)

washing the smell of gas off of hands

It is almost unavoidable to touch gasoline as mechanic or maintenance personnel. And you probably know how strong the smell of it can be. It is even worse when you get some on your hands.

The thing is, the gas evaporates quickly. But you can still feel the oily residue on your palms and the smell, yikes! Unbearable. And you certainly do not want it to linger. The longer it stays on your skin, the more irritation it causes.

How to Get the Smell of Gas off Your Hands

Here is a guide to removing the smell from your hands. There are several techniques, and we discuss a couple of them. Read on to find out more.

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Detergent and Salt

Detergent easily breaks down gasoline bonds, making it easy to remove the oily residue from your hands. You have probably used this technique before.

It did not work that well because you didn’t add a secret ingredient, salt. Well, you may not be aware of this, but salt works great to reduce the smell further. Here are the steps you should follow;

• Put at least two teaspoons of salt on a cup and place it next to the sink. You can use regular table salt because it is readily available.

• Pour some detergent on your hands. You can use regular dish detergent. It still works as well. And for the best results, pour enough to cover your hand from the fingertips to the palm.

• You can now pour the salt on top of the detergent on your hand. You can then rub your hands thoroughly for about 40seconds. That will be enough to get rid of the oily residue. And hopefully the smell as well.

• Rinse your hands with running water. You can now dry them with a towel when done.


Any white vinegar is also a great way to get the smell of gas off your hands. That is due to the chemical properties, the same as detergents that make it easy to break the gas bonds. You can use this procedure for an effective wash.

• Pour enough of white vinegar on your palms to cover your hand.

• For at least 45 seconds or longer, thoroughly rub your hands interlacing your fingers every so often. The smell may linger between the fingers. And it is better to massage while washing that area effectively.

• You can now rinse the vinegar off under running water.

Although the vinegar is a great technique to use, it also leaves a smell. Fortunately, you can easily wash it off with soap and water. You can do that as the last step after you rinse off the vinegar.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has a great taste and smell. It’s no wonder it is a flavor for almost everything, from detergents to scrubs and snacks. It works well to remove the smell of gas off your hands. Follow these steps for best results;

• Mix water with lemon juice in a dish or cup. You can stir with a spoon for it to mix well.

• You can pour the mixture onto your palms and rub them together. It is usually better to massage the mixture into your hands while interlacing your fingers. Do this for over a minute.

• You can wash your hands with soap and water first before rinsing off with running water.

• Dry off with a towel

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract also has a great smell and will work well to cover the smell of gas. The best thing about this technique is the ready availability of vanilla extract. Here are the steps you should follow;

• Pour a couple of drops of vanilla extract into a cup of water. You can pour as much as possible until you can smell the extract in the water. You can also stir with a spoon to mix the solution well.

• Now, pour the mixture onto your hands and rub it thoroughly. Massage the palms’ solution to make your hands smell of vanilla and eliminate that of the gas.

• As you rub the solution, interlace your fingers to eliminate any residue left between the fingers. Go on for at least 40 seconds or longer if you can still smell the gas.

• Rinse off the solution with running water.

• Wash your hands with soap and running water. You can skip this step if you already feel the residue is gone.

• Dry off with a towel

Gritty Soap

Soaps work best if the spill on your hands is minimal and the smell not that bad. But you can also get a mechanic’s soap that is designed specifically for this job. Here are the steps to follow;

• Rub the soap on your palms, ensuring that you get it under the nails as well. Interlace your fingers to get the soap between your fingers and massage the soap into the knuckles as well.

• You can use a tender nail brush to ensure your nails get a thorough cleaning and get rid of any dirt and smell.

• Place your hands under running water and continue rubbing them.

• Rinse your hands with clean running water before drying off with a towel.

8 More Ways To Remove The Smell of Gas From Your Hands

Apart from the four straightforward techniques discussed above, there are numerous other ways to eliminate the smell. Here are eight tricks you can use;

  1. You can decontaminate your hands with a great smelling hand sanitizer. You can go for a lemon-flavored sanitizer or lavender. The smell is lovely.
  2. Use eucalyptus to rub thoroughly on your hands.
  3. You can use a couple of specifically designed products to get rid of the smell of gas from your hands.
  4. Rub alcohol on your hands using cotton balls.
  5. Coffee grounds can also come in handy when you do not have a gritty soap. It leaves your hands smelling fresh and pleasant.
  6. You can make a paste of vinegar and baking soda and use it as a homemade cleanser.
  7. In case you do not have soap, you can use any regular toothpaste. It works just as good or even better.
  8. You can rub lemon halves on the palms of your hands.

F.A.Q. How to Get the Smell of Gas off Your Hands

Should You Worry If You Still Have Gas Residue On Your Hands?

Gasoline is highly flammable. So, until you get rid of the residue off your hands, you should stay away from flames, matches, and lighters.

What should I do if I accidentally touch my eyes with gasoline?

Do not touch your eyes with gasoline. It causes severe irritation. But in case you do, rinse your eyes with clean, warm water immediately. You should seek immediate medical assistance afterward.

How long does it take to dissolve the smell of gasoline?

Gasoline usually has a pretty strong smell that can take at least 24 hours if it is a minimal spill. If the gas spills on any of your items, you can soak them in a vanilla extract and water solution for at least an hour. Then air-dry the items until you can no longer smell the gas.

What tips should I always keep in mind when getting rid of gas smells?

Regardless of the technique you use, you must remember to rinse your hand with clean running water thoroughly.

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