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How Much Does a 220 Volt Extension Cord Cost?

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There are a lot of reasons you would need to use a 220 Volt extension cord around your house. It could be that the machinery you need to operate requires 220 Volt power but there’s just not an outlet available nearby. Or it could be one of many other reasons why you might need a 220 Volt extension cord.

How Much Does a 220 Volt Extension Cord Cost?

Before you head down to Home Depot or Lowe’s to buy a new extension cord, you should take a look at these current prices. These are up to date real time prices on 220 Volt extension cords.

When it comes to these types of extension cords, you should pay very close attention to what the ends, or connectors, look like. You want to make sure that the prongs match up with the type of outlet that you have in your house, shop or garage.

How Long Can a 220 Volt Extension Cord Be?

The actual answer is that there is no real maximum length of a 220 Volt extension cord. What’s important is determining how many amps the extension cord is designed and rated for.

With that said, common lengths of 220 Volt extension cords are 15 feet, 25 feet, 50 feet and 100 feet.

220 Volt Extension Cord Tips

Never use an extension cord that is designed for indoor use, outdoors. Not only will you be exposing yourself to electrical shock, your device might also be permanently damaged.

Try to purchase a heavy duty extension cord with far more Amps than you need. The length of the cord plays a significant role in how the electrical current travel and at what percentage. Always buy an electrical extension cord that can carry more power than you presently need.

Be careful when using it around wet areas or heavy moisture. It is true that water and electricity do not mix well, so always err on the side of caution if in doubt.

Always be mindful of extension cord placement. If you’re using the cord to power tools like your lawn mower or chain saw, make sure the length is clearly out of the way. Accidentally cutting the wires to your extension cord might can be deadly.

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