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How Long Does Quikrete Take To Set? (With Examples of Dry Time)

how long for quikrete to dry

How Long Does Quikrete Take To Set

If you’re anything like me, you try and do as many of your own projects around the house yourself.  Call yourself a DIYer, and handyman or just an informed and responsible homeowner, what remains the same are the high costs of repairs.

I know for me that’s one of the big reasons I try to tackle projects myself…to save on costs.

So whether you’re pouring a new concrete slab, a new sidewalk or setting posts with concrete, you’re probably going to end up using Quikrete at some point during the project. And while working with concrete, you’ve got to express some degree of patience with the product.  

But sometimes patience can be hard to have. We’re generally ready to move onto the next stage of the project immediately after pouring the Quikrete. But you’ve got to wait.

But for how long. How long does quikrete take to set?

How Long Does Quikrete Take To Set?

Fast setting Quikrete will set in a matter of 20 to 40 minutes.  But what also need to be taken into account is how much cement did you pour and how thick is it.  The thicker the project is, the longer it’ll take to set.

Regular Quikrete on the other hand will typically set in 1 to 2 hours. Again, how much you use and how thick the slab is will play a major role.

And how long for it to become solid, to the point you can work You can also expect Quikrete to be solid enough to work on it in one day or so.

Example #1

As an example, if you’re setting fence posts with standard Quikrete, you should expect to see the Quikrete set in about 3 hours.  After about a day, the cement should be solid enough that you should be able to hang the rest of the fence.

Example #2

What if you’re pouring a 4 inch concrete walkway with the fast setting Quikrete?  In this case, you can expect the Quikrete to set in 20 to 30 minutes and be completely solid in an hour or two.

What Is Concrete?

According to, “Concrete is a mixture of cement, water and aggregate (like gravel or sand). It’s a popular building material because it’s inexpensive and its ingredients are so simple and abundant. Concrete is also moldable and comes in multiple colors, making it extremely versatile and appropriate for a wide range of projects. A final plus: Concrete is tough. It’s resistant to fire, rot, decay, extreme temperatures, wind, water and animal wear-down. The problem is, it’s tricky to work with and takes a great deal of time to fully dry [source: Materials Science and Technology]. That’s the advantage of Quikrete.”

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