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How Long Does a Masonry Drill Bit Last? (When To Replace Them?)

A masonry drill bit is designed to last a long time. This is the drill bit that you want to bring out when you want to drill a hole through concrete, stone, or another really hard material. These bits are made to last you without breaking or wearing out quickly like some other drill bits will if you try to use them during those kinds of jobs. But how long are the masonry drill bits designed to last?

Your masonry drill bit can last a long time depending on how often you use it. If you notice that it is not as efficient as before or it gets rusty, then it is time to change out the masonry drill bit and get a new one in there to complete the work. The good news is that, even with frequent use, you will not need to replace these bits that often. 

Let’s take a closer look at the masonry drill bit, how to use it, and some of the signs that you need to look for when it is time to replace the bit to keep it as efficient as possible. 

how long do masonry drill bits last

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How Long Will a Masonry Drill Bit Last?

Masonry drill bits are designed to last a long time. Since they need to go through stone, bricks, tile, and other hard materials, they need to have a good lifespan and the durability to not break all the time. The length of time they will last though will depend on how often they are used.

When Is It Time To Replace a Masonry Drill Bit

Some factors that determine when it is time to replace your masonry drill bit include:

When They Break

Hopefully you catch the issue ahead of time before the drill bit breaks down. But once the drill breaks, either from being used too much or because you are going through material that is too tough, it is time to replace it completely. Do not try to use a drill bit after they are broken, even if it is a masonry drill bit. Pay attention to how the drill bit is doing as you complete some of your work to see if it is still strong enough to use or if it seems to be getting weaker. 

When they Get Worn Down

The more you use the bit, the easier it is to see the bit wear down. It has to go through brick, stone, and other options that are really strong and can wear out the drill bit quickly. When the bit is worn down and you do not replace it, this can cause it to not work as effectively. It will wear down at different rates based on how much you use it. Pay attention to how effectively the drill bit is doing the work that you want to determine whether it starts to wear down. 

When They Get Rusted

Sometimes you may not use the drill bit for very long, but it still needs replaced. When this happens, you may notice that the bit is getting rusted through and old. Do not try to attempt some of your work when the drill bit is rusted. It will not be as strong and may break when you are in the middle of a project. It is best to replace the drill bit when you see some rust show up through it. A little bit can be washed off, but if there is quite a bit, then you need to put in a new bit. 

Regular Maintenance Schedule

To make sure that your drill bit is always strong and will not wear out on you, it is important to come up with a regular maintenance schedule for the drill bits to help out. The time when you should switch the bits here will depend on how often you use the drill. If you only use it a few times a year, you can get by without changing the bit for much longer. If you are using the drill daily, you may need to replace the bit more often. 

Since a masonry drill bit is more likely to work on tough material, like cinder block and stone, you are likely to have to replace it more often than you do with other types of drill bits. It is strong though so you will not wear it out every time you use it against brick or tile or something hard like some of the other drill bits that you may use.

Keep in mind the type of material that you plan to go through with this drill bit and pay attention to when it is no longer cutting well or seems to get dull and break. This is a good sign to replace the bit. 

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Using the Right Drill Bit

The right size is important for finishing the job. If you are using a masonry drill bit, it is likely that you will need to get through some tough material. But the right size will help you to get the work done well. It is a good idea to get a bit that is 1/64” smaller than the size of the hole that you want to make into softwoods. You can use a bit that is the same size as the hole that you want with any other material. 

It does take a little bit of practice to make sure that you get the right size for your needs. With a little time and patience with yourself, you will be able to get the hang of it and can pick out the right drill to get the work done. 

Changing Out Your Masonry Drill Bit

When you plan to do a lot of work with your masonry drill bit, you will need to replace the drill bit often. This will help it to stay sharp and can prevent the bit from breaking on you and preventing your work from proceeding. Follow some of the tips above and keep the drill bit in good working order all the time. 

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