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How High Should a Bathroom Mirror Be Above The Sink?

bathroom mirror installed above sink

Your bathroom mirror is an essential component that’s often overlooked. A bathroom mirror that’s properly sized and placed can make a huge difference in your bathroom space. It also helps when making the final adjustment to your makeup or hair when heading out.

A mirror in your bathroom is essential for confirming that you don’t have toothpaste all over your clothes after brushing. Updating your mirror can be a great way to spruce up your bathroom without spending a fortune on a pricey bathroom remodel. How well you place your mirror will determine how you enjoy these practical and aesthetic benefits.

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How High Should a Bathroom Mirror Be Above The Sink?

The following tips will guide you when installing a mirror above your bathroom sink and determining how high it should be above the sink:

Bathroom Design

For the best results, avoid placing the mirror as an isolated element but match it with the rest of the bathroom décor. Positioning the mirror between the vanity lighting and the sink helps you to achieve symmetrical balance. Since the mirror is juxtaposed away from the sink, it doesn’t limit the faucet’s movement.

Such a design also allows you to be creative when choosing your mirror. You can even opt for bevel-edged, frameless, and moisture resistant mirrors that last longer.

Find the centerline between the vanity and the sink and hang the mirror 5-10 inches above the sink.

Vanity Mirror

A mirror should not be a standalone element but a key component of your bathroom design. A vanity mirror illuminates your bathroom without the requirement of multiple light sources. Such a mirror can be a great feature in your bathroom if it’s reflecting an equally fabulous image.

Consider installing a beautiful lighting fixture or artwork on the opposite wall. The only challenge with a vanity mirror is the tendency to splash water from the sink. To avoid this problem, consider installing an aerator on the sink. Hang the vanity mirror 13 inches above the sink.

Custom Mirrors

Standardized measurements are important in bathroom design as they help when sizing various elements and appliances. However, the reality is that such measurements don’t suit every user. Since children cannot use conventional mirrors, consider lowering it a little.

The average height of a 5-year child is 110 cm. By placing your bathroom mirror at 100 cm high, it will suit every occupant. The kids will also have a good time playing with a mirror as it also supports healthy development and learning.

Standard Measurements

One of the most important factors when setting up a comfortable bathroom space is the height at which you place the individual elements. Everyone uses the mirror every day, so it can’t be too high or too low. Determining the average eye levels of every occupant could be a great place to start.

Alternatively, you can go with the standard measurements.

The sink has standard measurements about 34cm above the floor. Be sure to place the mirror 13 inches above the top edge of the sink. So the standard height of the mirror above the sink is 47 inches.

Pay Attention to Details

Sizing your mirror appropriately is important for both utilitarian and decorative reasons. Avoid choosing a mirror for decorative purposes only. Decorative bathroom mirrors are small, making it hard to check your appearance when applying makeup.

Others eat up your storage space where you’d have installed a cosmetic shelf, medicine cabinet, or vanity with a mirror. Before you install a mirror, it’s vital to look at the bathroom layout plan. A holistic approach and a great eye for detail will help you develop a clever design when installing the bathroom mirror.

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