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Handyman Services: What You Can Expect to Pay And 5 Reasons To Hire One

how much should you pay for handyman service

If you’re like me, you take a lot of pride in fixing things around the house.  But let’s be honest with ourselves, there’re times when we have tot set our pride aside, and ask for the help of a professional.

That’s when it’s time to call the local handyman to give us a helping hand. But fear not, there’re some really good reasons why you might want to ask a handyman to do a job for you instead of doing it yourself.  Keep reading for a look at 5 good reasons you might want to use a handyman.

How Much Should You Pay A Handyman Per Hour?

As with all services, handyman prices can vary significantly based on region. Other factors that could affect a handyman prices are the person’s level of expertise as well as the number of verified recommendations he might have, ie; does this person offer reliable handyman services and do what he promises?

Handyman Prices Per Hour

With that said, according to HomeAdvisor, on average in the US an hour of handyman work can cost somewhere between $60 and $70. While some others on the higher end may go as high as $125 per hour or more.

Handyman Prices Per Job

It’s not uncommon for a handyman to not charge by the hour, but to submit a bid on the entire job.  In these cases, they will probably ask you to pay a percentage of the fee up front.

Examples Of Handyman Prices

Small Projects: $100

These examples of handyman services cover smaller jobs, like work with home electronics or smaller outside cleaning or repair projects.

Medium Size Projects: $150 to $300

Medium size projects might include furniture assembly, multiple frame hangings and other similar projects.

Finally, for some really big projects that weren’t covered here, which might require the use of bigger machinery and tools, they may request even higher fees.

5 Reasons You Should Hire A Handyman


Bathroom Projects: The Good. The Bad. The Ugly

Kids throw something in the toilet and clog it? Drain no longer draining? Need to replace that old dripping faucet with one that will actually work? Want to install floor heating under the bathroom floor?

Some of us enjoy this type of work, and some of us don’t (respect to the honorable exceptions). If you happen to fall into the crowd of those that don’t, or perhaps can’t, let me introduce you to those that gladly will do it. He’s your local handyman.

Hiring a handyman to unclog your toilet or your drain isn’t an enormous investment, but it will be tremendously helpful.  An additional value you gain in hiring a handyman to take care of some of these bathroom duties, is that it frees you up to work on other projects around the house…or to just keep watching your favorite TV show.

Outside Chores While You’re Away

Similar to the previous reason, this one also happens to include many
People that either hate doing it, it takes up a large portion of your free time or you simply are not home enough to take care of it.  

So why not hire someone else to do it for you? Whether you need to have the outside of your house powerwashed, a section of fence repaired or the gutters cleaned, a handyman will do that for you.  And the best part is, all of this, and much more, can be done in a single day.

Here in Oregon, it’s fall, its cold and it’s raining.  The idea of hiring someone to come clean my gutters, repair the fence a branch fell and broke and have it all done while I’m not even there?  Sounds great to me.

Stylistic Improvements

What I mean by stylistic improvements are all of those things that can
be considered as a “final touch” to the interior of your home – artwork, furniture,
lighting, etc.

The average person hangs about a dozen paintings and pictures inside their home. This means there will be about 12 or more nails, brackets and other holes put into your wall. Are you confident in getting all of those straight and level?  Are you able to even find the studs?  If not, perhaps you can use a handyman’s services to help you out.  

Hanging pictures and frames on a wall might be a boring task, but truth is, it’s an important one.  If your frames are not hanging straight and level, believe me, it’s one of the first things many people will notice when they enter your house.

Other stylistic improvements that may require the services of a handyman are furniture assembly (IKEA anyone).  Not all IKEA furniture is as simple as the stool you put together 5 years ago.  Some of the furniture is very time consuming to assemble and may even require modifications.  In this case, hiring a handyman to do this for you will save you significant headache.

House Lighting

Unlike the other reasons mentioned, which may be simply too gross or just too tedious to complete, tampering with your house’s lighting can be quite dangerous if not done correctly.

Whether replacing an existing light fixture or installing a new receptacle, tampering with electrical wires can be very dangerous.  If you do not have experience with electrical, then you can hire your handyman to do all of this for you.  

As a matter of fact, electrical projects is what most people hire a handyman for. Just make sure that when you call a new handyman, ask to make sure he is experienced with electrical work.  If he’s not, then ask for a referral to a handyman that is.

In addition to the dangerous type of electrical work, did you know you could also hire your handyman to hang your new flat screen TV, set up your new computer, monitor, projector or other similar electronic gadget that might require time to get set up.

Miscellaneous And Random Projects Around The House

This is probably the widest category of handyman services and why you might want to hire one. The average professional handyman, with solid experience in his work, has most likely had many peculiar requests that people didn’t want to do themselves.  

You can do that too! If you feel like there’s something you can’t do, don’t know how to do, or simply don’t want to do, usually it’s your best bet to call a handyman.

Tips When Hiring A Handyman:

If hiring a handyman and you want to  learn how to do what you hired them to do…ask! Often times your handyman will be more than happy to have you hang out with him and give him an opportunity to teach!  

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