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American Made Garden Tools: Why To Buy American Made

American Made Garden Tools

Here in the United States,  consumers get to make a choice. When we’re in the market to buy, we can choose to buy products made in the USA or products that are made internationally, generally in China.  There are definitely pros and cons for both but generally speaking, quality is the biggest thing that suffers when buying gardening tools from China.

A couple of seasons ago I started shopping around for new gardening tools. For years I’ve always just bought whichever gardening tools were on sale or at the lowest price.  To be honest, I’ve never put a whole lot of thought into whether the garden tools were made in the USA or not.

But with that said, I think that is exactly why I found myself back in the market for gardening tools.  I would buy the cheapest there were, they didn’t last!

I’ve always thought that quality is routinely sacrificed for lower prices. And that’s why it’s been challenging findingnhigh quality gardening tools.  Gardening tools that for one won’t break the bank, and second that’ll last more than one or two gardening seasons.

This is one of the main reasons I started looking for American made gardening tools….better quality.  I found this to be true with my shop tools as well. I’ve almost gone exclusively American made these days.  I got tired of having to buy new tools every year or so.

As a result of my search, I’ve compiled a sort of “Best of” guide for local companies that either make or sell only American made garden tools.  I hope this list helps you find your better quality tools!

Why Buy American Made Garden Tools


For me, it was simple.  I needed higher quality gardening tools.  The tools I was using were made in China, so they were very inexpensive.  The problem is, they literally fell apart in my hands. And that’s not an  exaggeration either.   They would fall apart while using them.

Supporting The Local Economy

Buying American made tools is more than just a patriotic gesture.  I realize that’s a reason that many folks buy American made, and that’s great.  But there’s much more to it that patriotism. One thing is, it can be argued that buying American made contributes to a more stable future for the entire country by supporting local businesses.

Supporting The National Economy

Supporting local businesses results in the support of local communities by putting more money in the pockets  American people.  It shouldn’t come to you as a surprise that Americans with money are Americans who spend!

This ultimately can have a positive effect on the entire national economy. Sure, one purchase isn’t going to make a difference in an entire nation’s economy. But our one time purchases can make a huge difference to the small business owner selling these products.

Additional Reasons to Buy American Made Products:

1. Provides Jobs

2. Controlled Quality of Goods

3. Guaranteed Safer and Fair Working Conditions

4. Less pollution and lower carbon footprint

5. Stronger Local Economy

Top 3 Small Businesses That Sell Garden Tools Made In The USA

With that said, here is my list of my favorite businesses that make or sell American made gardening tools.

1. American Made Hand Forged Gardening Tools By Fisher Blacksmithing

Fisher Blacksmithing is my top pick for beautiful, high quality American made garden tools. These are not just gardening tools.  These hand shovels and hand weeders are works of art!  And the best part about them…they’re built to last forever.

The owner of Fisher Blacksmithing, Tuli Fisher, creates hand forged garden tools at his own shop in Montana. His tools are not only beautiful to look at, but are incredibly durable and make excellent gifts for folks that love to garden.

Fisher Blacksmithing has been featured in publications such as Garden Design Magazine, Elle Decor and Sunset Magazine.

This excerpt from Tuli’s website describes the essence of these hand forged American made gardening tools,

“Fisher uses traditional blacksmithing techniques. His artistry and craftsmanship are informed by history and influenced by a childhood spent in farm country. And a lifetime of hand tool use inspires his designs.”

These  tools can be purchased from the Fisher Blacksmithing website.

Features Of Fisher Blacksmithing Tools

  • Each tool built individually using traditional blacksmithing techniques
  • Hand forged garden tool built 100% by hand.
  • Solid steel rivets and no welds which makes this hand forged American made gardening tool built to last a lifetime
  • Hand forged metal set into a hand turned black walnut handle
  • All tools are created with a carefully balanced weight

2. The American Garden Tool Co.

The American Garden Tool Co. is another excellent source for high quality American made garden tools.

They’re a small family run business that offers a wide selection of high quality gardening tools.  From shovels to pruners to garden tool belts.  If you’re in the market for garden tools made in the USA, this is an excellent place to shop.

The ability to search their catalog is simple and quick.  Their prices are excellent and their selection of tools and products is huge. As a bonus, they offer a selection of products with free shipping.

Here’s what Jennifer Kongs said about The American Garden Tool Co. in an article she wrote for Mother Earth News.

I don’t have the body weight to easily sink a shovel blade into the ground, so a nice, weighty shovel that can keep a sharp edge through several sessions of use is important for my garden efficiency and digging satisfaction. The shovel that’s stolen my heart is a “D” handled shovel with a rounded blade that came from The American Garden Tool Co. The shovel is rust-resistant and has a 5-year guarantee against breakage.  You’ll find other shovels of the same caliber from this family-owned tool company, along with a variety of other quality garden products, including some nifty ratcheting pruners.”

3. Bully Tools

Bully Tools manufactures and sells 100% American made gardening tools.  They boast of having over 200 products to choose from in their catalog.  With a product list that long, there’s no question that you’ll have an easy time finding the specific garden tool made in the USA that you’re looking for.

From locally made garden tools, farm tools, shingle removers, floor scrapers, forestry and a host of other specialty tools, this company has everything you could possibly need.

Bully Tools has their own manufacturing facility located in Steubenville, Ohio. According to their website, “Quality in-house manufacturing ensures that you will purchase a tool that will stand up to tough jobs and give you many years of service.”

Bully Tools offers competitive prices on their products and can be purchased from their website, or even on  Purchasing from Amazon is a great option as many Bully Tool products have free shipping with Prime and is a great way to buy garden tools made in the USA.

3 More Companies That Carry Garden Tools Made In The USA

You’ve just seen my top 3 companies I’ve found to buy American made gardening tools. Below are several more American companies that I’ve found while doing research for my own gardening tools.  These companies listed below are excellent businesses to buy from and support as well.    

Stihl USA


Garrett Wade

Take the time to support local businesses, support the local community and keep Americans employed!  Buy your garden tools made in the USA!

Please leave a comment below or shoot me an email if you have any questions about buying American made, or if you feel there’s other reasons I didn’t list.

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