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How to Find The Breaker Box In Your House (Most Common Places to Look)

How to Find The Breaker Box In Your House

When you move into a new home, there are a lot of things to learn about. This is a new location that you are not that familiar with and you need to consider where all the items are located. While looking around your new home, one thing to look around for is the breaker box. 

Your breaker box is a great tool to have in any home. Most homeowners do not focus on where this box is located until they are in an emergency and need it right away. And this usually happens in the middle of the night when finding anything is more difficult. 

It is better to look for the breaker box as soon as possible after moving into a new home. There are different locations where this box could be depending on the individual home. Let’s take a look at where you should search when you need to find your breaker box. 

What Materials Do You Need?

The neat thing about this project is you do not need any materials at all. We are simply looking to figure out where the breaker box is located. Hopefully you will do this when it is nice and bright outside and there isn’t an emergency for knowing where the box is. This can make finding the box easier. 

However, if you wait until it is an emergency to go look for the box, then you may need to bring along a few supplies. A flashlight can be helpful if the breaker box is in the basement or somewhere dark. You may need a few supplies to fix anything that is wrong too. 

How to Find The Breaker Box In Your House

1. Search Inside

Many times the breaker box is found inside your home. Look around for a metal box that is flush with the wall. It also has a metal door that helps keep everything protected. 

A good place to look inside is the garage. Many times this is a safe spot to leave the breaker box that is easy to access while still being out of the way. A hallway, basement, utility room, or storage room are all good options too. 

If you are in a small apartment, you may be limited on space for where it is found. You can check your hallway or a cupboard. This area needs to be large enough for the breaker box though. Regulations require that the breaker box be in a space large enough for someone to reach it and do any necessary work on it. 

There are not a lot of regulations on where the breaker box should be. However, there has to be enough room for someone to get to it. A tiny corner that is hard to reach is not going to work here. It should also be as close as possible to a door for easy access.

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2. Search Outside

Most of the time your breaker box is going to be inside the home. This helps keep it protected and ensures that none of the components will get ruined or wet. However, depending on the age of the home, you may find that the fuse box is outside rather than inside. 

If you have spent time looking for the breaker box in your home and it is just not there, it is time to look outside. The most likely place for the breaker box outside is the meter box. 

The meter box is usually pretty easy to find. If you feel like it is hidden, you can talk to your neighbor to get an idea of where they place their breaker box. Most neighborhoods have homes that are similar in age, which means that they would follow a similar style and the same rules for placing the breaker boxes. 

It is likely that if your neighbor has a breaker box in a certain location, then yours will be located in the same area. Make sure to ask a neighbor who has a home that is similar to yours. If the home is a lot older or a lot newer than yours, then this is not going to work. 

3. Call an Electrician

Usually you will find the breaker box inside of your home with no problem. Even when you are new to the home, it is pretty easy for you to find the breaker box. If you can’t find it inside the home, it is likely that it is found near the meter box outside. 

In some cases, it is even harder to find the fuse box or the circuit breaker. Some boxes are a little more difficult to find and they may have gotten a little hidden when a remodel or an addition is done on the house. 

It is important for you to know where the breaker box is in your home. For homeowners who are not able to find the box, you should call an electrician. They can check the spots where the breaker box is more likely to be to make this a little easier. 

Where Is My Breaker Box?

The breaker box is going to be in a different location based on each home. There are a few restrictions on where the breaker box will be allowed and a few rules on where it must be placed. Knowing these can make it easier to find your box. 

One rule is that these breaker boxes can’t be installed in any room where there is not enough space for someone, like an electrician, to access and do any work on the box. It also should never be placed in the clothes closet, powder room, or a bathroom. 

The space that is in front of this box needs to be clear and it needs to be accessible and easy to reach. The clearance ahead of the box needs to be 36 inches deep and 30 wide so that it is easy to reach. A crawl space can’t be used either since the ceiling must be 78 inches from the floor for this to work. 

Another thing to consider when searching for the breaker box is where any entrances are located. The specifications are for the breaker box to be located as close as is practical to the entrance. This gives a little leeway but still gives a good idea of where to look. 

What this means is that the breaker box may not be right next to a door, but it will never be on the other side of the home from the service entrance. This can give you a better idea on where to look. 


When you purchase a new property, it is important to go through and figure out where your circuit breaker is. Knowing where the box is, before the electricity dies out or you end up in the dark, can make living there a little bit easier. 

The breaker box is often in an easy to find place. With a little searching, you will be able to find it. However, if you are struggling to figure out where the breaker box is in your new home, you can look in some of the suggested places above.

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