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What Size File For a .325 Chain Saw Blade? (How To Pick The Right One)

What Size File For a .325 Chain Saw Blade

For all chain saw enthusiasts out there, this is your moment! Whether you’re working on a farm or getting rid of storm damage, a chain saw is an essential tool for many tasks. So, it can be troublesome for you when its teeth start going dull.

To ensure the blades of your chain saw are well-sharpened, you need to pick the right file size. And we’ve got you covered! Tag along to find the precise size file for a .325 chain saw.

Why Finding the Right Size File Is Absolutely Crucial

Filing the chain is typically accompanied by fueling the chain saw. However, if you’re cutting through dirt or rocks, the blades can wear out pretty soon. So, if you start seeing wood debris coming off the chain as dust rather than chips, it’s time to file the blades. 

Choosing the right file when you sharpen a .325 chain saw is critical. Picking the wrong size file to sharpen the teeth can wear out its metal. In contrast, using the proper file allows you to stick to the 80/20 rule, in which 80% of the file is under the cutter, while 20% is above. 

If you use a significantly larger or smaller file than recommended to sharpen the chain, it can permanently damage the blades. Unless you get the chain entirely reshaped, the metal will look hacked up and won’t function well.

  • Too Large: Using a file with a larger diameter will eliminate the hook of the blades, which ensures the cutting goes efficiently. 
  • Too Small: Using a file with a smaller diameter won’t cover the sharpening of the upper tip of the cutter.

Additionally, even if you use a slightly imprecise file size, you may notice the residue chips being quite smaller or larger than the original. Besides lowering the quality of the cutting, using improper files will add much-unneeded effort into the process.

That’s because it’ll be challenging to operate and manipulate the chainsaw itself if the chains are inappropriately carved or if too much metal is removed.

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How To Pick the Precise Size for the Chain Saw File

What Size File For a .325 Chain Saw Blade

Although it can be overwhelming to choose from the different sizes of chain saw files, mastering this will save you the unnecessary “professional sharpening” visits. Instead, you can file the .325 chain saw yourself in only a few minutes.

First and foremost, you need to know that the correct size of the file depends on the chain of the chain saw. Different manufactures will recommend varying sizes according to the model of the chain saw. 

Luckily, there are standard chain sizes that are used almost everywhere. We’re going to approach the infamous .325 pitch chain saw. For this blade, using a 3/16 inch (4.8 mm) chain saw file is the optimal solution. Just a few swipes with this file, and you’ll be surprised by how much metal is coming off. 

For .325 Chain Saw Blades
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This 3/16” file made by Oregon will remove the blunt metal layer quickly and smoothly, thanks to its consistent teeth height. Its double-cut spiral design ensures longevity and full resistance to clogging.

A 3/16” file is especially effective in fitting the blades’ pattern perfectly, ensuring that the total surface area of the chain is evenly sharpened. It’ll also add a nicely-sharpened edge on the teeth for an even more efficient experience. 

Other than the diameter, you need to keep in mind which file shape you need. For example, while a chisel cutter with a square edge needs a correspondingly square file, a chipper cutter requires a round file, such as the one we mentioned. 

Tip: Avoid using the round file for the chain saw depth gauge. For sharpening this component, only use a flat-file to maintain its shape.

sharpening File For a .325 Chain Saw Blade


It’s impossible to use a chain saw with dull blades for cutting, no matter what its strength or size is. Sharpening the chain also saves much time and effort, making one of the most laborious tasks simple, even entertaining. 

Finding the precise size of the file used to sharpen the chain is transformative. Using files with incorrect proportions can lead to significant damages and may end up reshaping the chain. On the other hand, filing with the proper size will sharpen the curves of your chain. 

For a .325 pitch chain saw, we recommend the Oregon 3/16” chain saw file because it ensures effective and even sharpening of the blades. Not only will a 3/16” line into the chain’s frame, but it’ll also give the upper side of the blade an edge that cuts through.

For .325 Chain Saw Blades
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