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3 Best Drill Bits For Glass (Drill Holes In Glass Easily!)

best drill bit for glass
Best Choice
Drilax Diamond Drill Bit 10 Pieces Set

These bits are going to be your best bet for the majority of projects where drilling through glass is required.

They're flexible, easy to use and extremely durable.

Combine that with their affordability, and you've got a really nice quality set of glass drill bits.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

The Best Drill Bits For Glass | Drill Glass Easily With These Top 3 Drill Bits)

Have you found yourself needing to drill holes in glass. Maybe it’s your fish tank or a glass bottle for an art project. Either way, I’m sorry to tell you that your standard drill bit just isn’t going to get the job done. Unfortunately those standard drill bits just aren’t hard enough to cut through glass…at least without shattering the glass and ruining your project.

To drill holes in glass successfully, you need to use a drill bit that is designed specifically for cutting glass.

These glass drill bits are diamond coated or tipped with carbide, giving them the strength and cutting power needed to carefully drill through fragile glass.

But which glass drill bits are the best? Which ones will help you see your project through?

Like many other products, there are many manufacturers making drill bits, but not all of them are worth your time nor your money.

In this article, I’ve chosen my three favorite glass drill bit sets to recommend to you. Every one of them are affordable for the average homeowner, like you and I, and all of them are high-quality products.

Choose carefully though, because there are different types of glass drill bits that are designed for specific purposes.

Recommended Glass Drill Bits​

1. Drilax 10 Pieces Diamond Coated Drill Bit Set

This set of diamond coated bits from Drilax is going to be your best bet for the majority of projects where drilling through glass is required.

These bits are flexible, easy to use and extremely durable. These glass drill bits are also pretty affordable when you compare them to other sets that have a diamond coating.

Hole Saw Drill Bits

First, all of the bits are hole saws. That means that they’re hollow circles with varying diameters. They’ll remove the outline of a circle from the glass you’re cutting, and you’ll have a little disc of glass when you’re done.

No Pilot Hole Required

That makes it so you don’t have to drill a pilot hole to use them, and you can make bigger holes without buying a really thick drill bit.

However, it makes it more difficult if you want to drill a very small hole. The smallest bit in this kit is 5/8 of an inch. If you want a smaller hole, you’ll have to go with a traditional drill bit design.

Includes 10 Different Drill Bits

You get ten different bits with this kit, and Drilax made sure to include the most commonly used sizes. So, it should tackle the vast majority of projects.

Diamond Coated

Each of the bits has a diamond coating. The coating is harder than glass, and it’s extremely durable. You won’t have to replace these nearly as often as you would carbide bits, and you should be able to make cleaner cuts with them.


  • Includes the most common sizes
  • No need for a pilot hole
  • Diamond coated


  • This kit doesn’t have a bit that is suitable for creating very small holes. If you need this for work that requires small holes, you’ll want another kit.

Take Away

This is a great set of bits for just about anyone. It’s durable, versatile, and a great value. However, you might want another kit if you plan on drilling very small holes. This kit can’t cut anything smaller than a 5/8-inch hole.

2. 10 Piece Tungsten Carbide Drill Bits For Glass

This is a great set for beginners. It’s cheap, tough, and versatile. It also comes with duplicates for two of the most popular sizes. So, you can afford to mess up a little bit when you use this set.

These are basically the same as standard steel bits, but they have carbide tips on them that allow them to push through glass and other hard materials a lot faster.

Masonry Drill Bits Set, 10 Piece Tungsten Carbide Tip Drill Bits for Porcelain Ceramic Tile, Concrete, Brick Wall, Glass, Mirrors, Plastic Wood (3 4 5 6 6 8 8 10 10 12mm)

A Note About Carbide Tips:

There are two problems with carbide that you should be aware of:

1. Carbide tips wear out faster than diamond bits, but they do last longer than standard bits made from steel.

2. Carbide tips also get very hot. So, you’ll have to lubricate the object you’re drilling pretty regularly during the drilling process.

These carbide bits do have one major advantage over the diamond bits I reviewed, though. They’re shaped like traditional bits. So, you’ll have to drill a pilot hole, but you can drill holes that are much smaller with this kit.


  • A great value
  • Has duplicates of 6-mm and 10-mm bits
  • Cuts through glass very quickly
  • Capable of drilling tiny holes


  • You’ll have to drill pilot holes with this kit, and the carbide tips are good, but they’re not as good as diamond bits.

Take Away

This is a great kit for beginners to learn with. It has all of the sizes you’re likely to use the most, and it’s inexpensive enough that you won’t have to freak out if you mess up a bit. It’s also good for people that do very detailed work. The smaller bits can drill very small holes.

3. 30 Piece Glass Drill Bit Set

These diamond bits are less expensive than the other ones, but they’re very delicate. After all, they’re made for jewelry designers.

Don’t think that you can’t use them for your household projects, though. The whole set includes 30 different bits, and they’re known for working quite well on smaller projects due to their diamond coating.

There’s just one major issue with these bits. They generate more heat than any of the other bits on this list, and they break very easily.

To counteract that drawback, you’ll have to keep your materials submerged throughout the entire drilling process. Obviously, that can make it difficult or impossible to drill into larger items, and it can make basic projects a lot more complicated. If you splash too much water around, you might even end up destroying your drill. So, caution is required while working with these bits.


  • 30 bits for a low price
  • Cuts through glass quickly
  • Also cuts brick, ceramic, and tile


  • They’re just too delicate, and they require constant lubrication while you’re drilling.

Take Away

These are the perfect bits if you want to work on very small projects, but you’ll probably end up buying another set of them if this is your first time drilling glass. They’re so delicate that a single mistake can snap the bit you’re using. Obviously, a beginner is going to make a lot of mistakes. I know I did the first time I drilled glass.


Tips For Drilling Glass

how to drill holes in glass step by step tutorial guide

I mentioned several times that beginners are bound to make mistakes. In this section, I’m going to give you a few tips that will keep your bits in one piece and your glass intact.

1. Start At An Angle

This is a tip that is mostly used with smaller bits. When you’re using a smaller bit, you want to start your hole at a 45-degree angle. This will help to keep you from slipping off of the glass, and it’ll allow you to use less pressure to start your hole.

This isn’t really necessary when you’re drilling with larger bits, but you can use this technique if you don’t drill a pilot hole first. Your hole will just look a little rougher.

2. Keep It Lubricated

Drill bits generate quite a bit of friction and heat, and if you don’t lubricate the surface of the item you’re drilling, you’ll probably fracture the glass or damage your bit. You can even burn out your drill.

Lubricating the drilling area isn’t difficult. If you’re working with high-quality bits, you can simply drop a little bit of water on the area and keep drilling. You can also use different types of oil and grease to reduce the amount of friction.

You don’t have to search for a fancy lubricant that is designed for drilling. Sewing machine oil, spray-on lubricants, and other things you probably have in your garage or house will work well, too. You can even steal your kid’s bearing cream if they skateboard or ride a scooter. It works pretty well since it’s designed to reduce friction under extreme conditions, and I’ve used it several times to keep my bits from getting damaged.

The only time it’s difficult to lubricate your drilling surface is when you’re using delicate bits. You’ll have to keep the area you’re drilling submerged in water throughout the entire process, but you’ll want to keep the water shallow enough that you can drill into the material without submerging the drill. A clamp is almost a necessity when you’re doing this, and you should be cautious due to the increased chance of your bit slipping.

4. Drill A Pilot Hole

A pilot hole is a small crater that you drill into your glass before trying to actually drill through it. If you make one, you’ll find that it’s a lot easier to keep the drill bit inside of the hole while you’re drilling, and your chances of breaking the glass will be a lot lower.

5. Use A Hole Saw

If you’re drilling bigger holes, you should use a hole saw. Holes saws will cut faster, and they can make much larger holes. On top of that, they don’t require pilot holes.

However, a hole saw is a horrible choice if you need to drill small holes. So, you should keep that in mind.

6. Brace Your Bit

Wrapping a piece of a cereal box or any other piece of cardboard around your glass will make it a lot easier for you to start your hole. The cardboard will keep it from slipping out. Just remember to remove the cardboard once you’ve got your hole started. You’ll want to see what you’re drilling.

7. Brace Your Glass

Holding a piece of glass in one hand and drilling it with the other is a very bad idea. The glass can break, or you might just shoot a drill bit into your hand.

To prevent that from happening, you should use clamps to hold your glass in place. Remember to put a cloth between the glass and the clamp. You don’t want to put a lot of work into creating a beautiful hole just to realize your clamps scratched the glass.

Final Thoughts

If I were to pick one item on this list for you to buy, I’d choose the 10-piece drill set with diamond bits. It’s the most reliable, and it’s the easiest to use. If you want to perform smaller tasks, go with the 30-piece kit. I recommend the carbide set for beginners due to its well-rounded characteristics.

Best Choice
Drilax Diamond Drill Bit 10 Pieces Set

These bits are going to be your best bet for the majority of projects where drilling through glass is required.

They're flexible, easy to use and extremely durable.

Combine that with their affordability, and you've got a really nice quality set of glass drill bits.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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