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Does Shower Water Go Into Septic Tank?

does shower water drain into septic tank

Does Shower Water Go Into Septic Tank?

About one-third of Americans have a septic system treating the waste that’s produced in their homes. That’s a lot of septic tanks!  And chances are, if you’re reading this post, you also have a septic tank under the ground on your property.

But have you ever given thought to what all goes into that septic tank. You probably already know that every time you flush the toilet that all of that business heads straight for the septic tank. But what about all the other water in your house that goes down drains?

Does Shower Water Go Into The Septic Tank?

Yes. All of the water from your shower ends up in your septic tank.  The fact is, all the water that leaves your house through a drain goes into the septic tank; Shower water, laundry water, kitchen sink as well as your toilet water all go to the septic tank.

How Does All The Water End Up In The Septic Tank?

All the drains in your house, from the sinks, showers and toilets, all travel through their own individual pipes under the house.  All those pipes ultimately converge into one main pipe that heads out and away from the house to the septic tank.

That’s where all the mixed grey water and black water empty into the septic tank.

How Often Should You Empty Out Your Septic Tank?

There are a number of factors that go into determining how often you should pump a septic tank. But generally speaking, you should pump out the septic tank once every 3 to 5 years.

The actual frequency will depend mostly on how much you and your family use the septic system, and how many people are using the septic tank.

As you can imagine, you’ll most likely need to pump your septic tank much more often if you have a large family.  And the more showers you take and the longer the shower are, the faster the septic tank will fill. In cases where there’s a large number of people living in the house, I would empty the tank every 3 years.  But if you have a small family, or live alone, then you could probably even get away with pumping the tank ever 5 to 10 years.

Final Thoughts

Yes. Shower water empties into your septic tank. But now that you know that, you might want to consider how many people are showering in your house and how long those showers are lasting.  That’s potentially a lot of water being sent down to the septic tank. And the faster you fill the septic tank, the sooner you’ll need to empty it.

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