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Do Smoke Detectors Require Special Batteries? (Here’s What I Use)

Why do smoke detectors wait until the middle of the night before they decide to start chirping, announcing to the entire household that it’s time to replace the battery?

I’m convinced that it’s an unwritten, but commonly agreed upon law of nature. This law of nature states that it is a requirement that all beeping smoke detectors do everything within their power to wait until all occupants of the house are sleeping and at a time that will create peak irritation. 

Prove me wrong. 

Ok, I’ll have to admit that my theory of this being a law of nature has been disproven. That’s because of all the homes I’ve lived in over the years, I just recently experienced the glory of a smoke detector beeping from a low battery literally as I was walking past it on a late Sunday morning. 

I was sure to take time to thank the smoke alarm gods for choosing these daylight hours to grab my attention and ask for a battery change. 

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Do Smoke Detectors Require Special Batteries?

Whether your smoke detector started beeping from a low battery in the middle of the night or in the middle of the day, it’s time to replace the batteries. And you might be wondering if smoke detectors require special batteries. 

Generally speaking, no. Smoke detectors don’t require special kinds of batteries. With that said, however, there are some batteries that are designed with smoke detectors in mind. Below is a quick look at the batteries that I recommend for smoke detectors. These are the same batteries I use in my own home.

Recommended Smoke Detector Batteries

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What Types of Batteries To Use In a Smoke Detector

Selecting which batteries to use in your smoke detector is going to come down to finding out which type and size of batteries you’re smoke detector requires. 

Most modern smoke detectors today require either a 9 Volt alkaline battery or AA batteries. To find out what type of batteries your smoke detector requires, you’ll need to remove the battery cover from the smoke detector. The cover is most likely located on the front of the smoke detector. 

Even if your smoke detector is hardwired to a power source, it still requires a backup battery. Hardwired smoke detectors will have the same type of battery cover that non-hardwired detectors have. You’ll need to determine the type of battery, 9 Volt or AA, that your hardwired smoke detector uses as a backup.

How To Replace Smoke Detector Battery (VIDEO)

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