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Do LED Shop Lights Work in Cold (or Sub Zero) Temperatures?

do led shop lights work in cold temperatures?

If you are tired of working with traditional light bulbs that seem to burn out every other day in the winter, then it is time to consider LED lights. These lights are stronger than many traditional light bulbs, are more energy efficient, and can thrive in the winter where others seem to fail. 

Let’s take a look at how well LED lights can do in the cold and explore some of the reasons that they tend to perform better and last longer than traditional light bulbs, even when the temperature gets really low. 

Do LED Shop Lights Work in Cold Temperatures?

LED lights do very well in the cold. They are designed to handle extreme changes in temperature and can do well regardless of how cold it gets in your shop or even outside.

Since they do not rely on heat to keep working like traditional lights, they will not get worn out during the winter when it is cold. They can even shine brighter when the temperatures drop down. 

While some other common types of lights may struggle and not work when the temperatures dip down below freezing, LED lights tend to work the opposite. 

In fact, these LED shop lights can become more efficient as the temperature drops down. For example, a 14 watt LED will be the same thing as a 75 watt incandescent bulb. In this case, there will be a 4 watt advantage for the LED when compared to its energy efficiency compared to CFL. 

Why Traditional Shop Lights Don’t Do As Well As LED

Traditional light bulbs produce heat as part of their ability to work. When the cold gets to them and prevents the heat from sticking around, the light bulb will struggle to work at all.

When the temperature gets too low, it may be enough to cause the glass around the light bulb to break, making it worthless. An LED light has the benefit of avoiding this because it does not emit a lot of heat so this is no longer a problem. 

Many people know that using LED lights can be beneficial to use in a shop and in other locations. They last for a long time, they give off a brighter light, they often cost less, and they are energy efficient. Few realize how great they are for colder temperatures too.

If you plan to work in a shop that may have big adjustments to the temperature range and could have trouble staying warm in the winter, then you should choose LED lights for your shop.

How Do LED Lights Perform In The Cold?

We have already discussed how LED lights do well, even in shops that get cold. But there are several reasons why this is true. Let’s look at all of the different benefits that you can get when it comes to using LED lights to perform well in the cold:

Longer Lifespan

The technology behind the popular LED lights offer them a much longer lifespan compared to some of the traditional lights used in the past. This is even more true with colder weather.

On a traditional bulb, when it experiences very cold weather, they will die out quickly. Traditional bulbs give off heat to work and when it is cold, they need to work harder to keep warm enough to actually work. In really cold temperatures, this can cause the light to wear out quickly and it may even burst. 

This is not a problem with the LED lights. They do not need to emit any heat in order to work. This means that whether the temperatures are normal, really hot, or really cold, they will work just fine.

This makes them the perfect option to withstand some harsh transitions in temperatures that may happen in your shop. LED lights, depending on how long you use them each day, can last for more than six months, even when the temperatures really drop down. 

LED Lights Do Not Require Much Maintenance

LED bulbs do not need the same amount of maintenance as traditional light bulbs. When you use these bulbs, you do not need to replace it two times a year to keep them working, saving you time and money. This is very important when your shop gets to really cold temperatures and harsh weather is all around you. 

Since the bulbs are able to last a long time, regardless of how cold the weather is, you do not need to worry about replacing them or all the damage that can happen to that.

This makes it efficient to handle and you have the peace of mind knowing they light will stay nice and bright. It is much easier to install the LED lights and then know they will still work all winter long without a lot of maintenance at all. 

High Efficiency

You will love that these LED lights are a high-efficiency source of light, one that is able to work even under extreme forces, like those found with cold weather. When the temperatures start to drop in the winter, especially when they get down below freezing, electric bulbs will need to use more power.

This helps them to produce enough heat to make enough light. And this is what can cause some major problems with how well they work in winter. 

This is not true with LED lights. These are efficient and will not need to put in any extra effort to produce more light. They are designed and built to handle big changes in temperature, whether the temperature goes up or down, which makes them perfect for exterior lighting or even lighting in your shop. You can choose the right wattage option as well, regardless of where you plan to place these lights. 

Brighter Lighting

Often when the temperature dips down and gets really cold, it is a sure sign of winter. This means that the days become shorter and the nights will become longer. Your shop not only needs lights that can withstand the cold and will not break all the time. It also needs lights that are bright enough to help you see, even when it gets dark earlier in the evening. 

When you choose to use LED lights, you get the benefit of more visibility and brighter emission. This helps you to get the right combination for the gloomy and dark winter that brings all those cold temperatures. Plus, these LED lights are able to do this without needing a ton of power. 

Picking LED Lights for Your Shop

If you are tired of replacing the light bulbs that are around your shop because they break or just do not last long, then it is time to consider replacing them with LED lights.

These lights are designed to handle very cold, as well as very hot, temperatures, so you no longer need to worry about them easily burning out or even bursting. Since the temperatures of your shop can easily go up and down, LED lights may be the best option to help you illuminate the area you work in. 

The LED shop lights I use in my own shop, and the lights I recommend to people are the Hyperikon LED shop lights. These lights are great quality, are incredibly simple to install and are really affordable. You can check them out below.

My Top Pick!
Hyperikon Linkable LED Shop Light 4FT Double Tube

The Hyperikon Linkable LED Shop Light is the the shop light that I use in my own shop at my house. And I can't recommend this LED light enough.

Of all the lights that I installed I found that the overall quality is very good and all units worked properly without any glitches.

Hyperikon is very responsive and their customer service/ warranty is great.

  • 5000k (Crystal White Glow)
  • 4000 lumens
  • 40 watt
  •  Plug and play for instant full brightness with no flicker.
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