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Can You Use a Metal Drill Bit with Concrete? (What You Need to Know)

Using the right drill bit will make completing your project that much easier. There are a ton of projects around the house or for work that can use drilling to get them done, and the right bit can help you to get done quickly. But will a metal bit be able to help you go through concrete?

Can You Use a Metal Drill Bit with Concrete?

A metal drill bit can go through concrete, but it is much better to work with a masonry drill bit or one made out of tungsten carbide if at all possible.

Both of these types of drill bits are significantly stronger materials to work with and can go through the concrete without wearing down or breaking like most, if not all simple metal drill bits will do.

You can use the metal drill bit on occasion or in a pinch if you have a small project to work on. But if the project is large and involves a lot of concrete, consider switching to a masonry drill bit instead. 

Let’s take a closer look at what metal drill bits are able to work through and what other drill bits you may need to consider if you plan to spend a lot of time drilling through concrete at home or at work. 

Can You Use a Metal Drill Bit with Concrete

Using a Metal Drill Bit With Concrete

As you know, there are many times when you need to drill into concrete. Even hanging up pictures if you have a stone or concrete wall will need a drill bit to help you get through them.

But is a metal drill bit going to be strong enough to go through concrete and get the work done for you?

A metal drill bit is pretty strong. It is designed to go through metal and steel, which is fairly strong on its own. However, these metal drill bits are not meant to be used with concrete all the time. If you only have one or two small projects to do with the concrete, then the bit may be strong enough to get the work done and you do not need to purchase a new bit just for that. 

If you plan to do a lot of work with concrete though, it is better to work with a different type of drill bit. A Masonry drill bit is one of the best options here. It is specifically designed to go through hard materials so it will not dull or get broken as easily. It has a little more strength behind it than we can see with some of the metal drills that you may have. 

What Can I Use Metal Drill Bits On?

There are a lot of projects that you can use a metal drill on. Most of the different projects that will need a drill bit will work with a metal bit. They are pretty sturdy and can last a long time, especially if you can take good care of them. And there are different sizes that you can choose from to help you get the strength that you need and the right size hole for the project. 

The metal bit will do well for many projects. It is strong enough to go through wood and steel and other metals. This will help you to finish a large number of projects around the home. It can even do some work through tile, as long as the tile is not too strong or tough to work with. For most of the projects that you want to do, the metal drill bit will be fine. 

It is even possible to use the metal drill bit on concrete sometimes. It is best to use a specific type of metal drill bit to help you get through the concrete. Having a masonry drill or even a tungsten carbide one will do better on concrete. For a quick project, such as hanging a picture or something else on the wall, the metal drill bit will be enough and you do not need to go out and purchase something new. 

The Right Concrete Drill Bits

You may be surprised at how many projects come up that will need you to drill through concrete. Sometimes, even the walls in our homes are made out of bricks and stones and then we need to drill through them just to put up pictures or other things on the wall.

The metal drill bit will be fine to hang up a few pictures. But when you need to do more in-depth projects with the concrete, it is important to pick out the right kind of drill bit, and metal may not be the best choice. 

There are several options that you can choose to help go through concrete often. The masonry drill bit is a good option because it will help you to get through all of the concrete that you would like.

A tungsten carbide bit is even better if you plan to do most of the work with your drill through concrete and stone. They can be used for a long time on brick, masonry blocks, and concrete. There are also different sizes to help you get the work done the way that you would like. 

Picking the Right Bit

The right bit that will work on the projects that you would like will depend on what you want to get done. If you plan to do a lot of little projects, it may be a good idea to have a couple different general purpose bits that can get the work done. Or one strong bit that can handle all of the projects that you would like. 

On the other hand, if you find that there is a specific type of project that you want to do most of the time, then it is a good idea to pick out a bit that will fit to do that job. Thinking through the projects that you plan to do and choosing a bit based on that will make it easier to get things done without having to purchase a ton of different bits along the way. 

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