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Can a Bathroom Mirror Be Wider Than The Vanity? (What To Keep In Mind)

Vanity mirrors provide an effortless way to introduce dimension and light into your bathroom, and they come in an array of styles. You can either choose modern designs with tempered glass or vanity mirrors with matte black frames depending on your tastes. However, vanities and their mirrors are not standalone units, and Feng Shui experts recommend that they coordinate with the bathroom décor in some way.

Can a Bathroom Mirror Be Wider than the Vanity?

The answer is no. Bathrooms vary in size and shape, so it can be confusing to find the right balance when installing a vanity mirror. Fortunately, by getting the proportion right, you can make the most of your favorite design concept.

Whatever your taste, you can create harmony and balance by adhering to the golden (1.618) ratio.

The vanity’s width divided by the mirror’s width is equal to the total width divided by the vanity’s width. For example, if the vanity is 22 inches wide, you need a 13-inch wide mirror. The golden ratio is at the heart of many classical and contemporary bathroom designs and will make a huge impact on your vanity.

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Bathroom Styles and Vanity Mirrors

Unless you have a knack to play with mismatched features, you risk creating visual chaos and confusion if you don’t stick to a certain theme. Understanding your bathroom décor will help you to choose a vanity mirror that suits your lifestyle. Be sure to match your vanity mirror to the overall design concept in the following ways.

1. Formal

Formal bathroom designs feature stark shapes such as squares and rectangles. But you can still embellish your formal bathroom by being creative with your vanity mirror.

Introducing a diagonal frame against the vertical lines helps the vanity mirror to stand out. Avoid overwhelming the room with a wide mirror. Also, the mirror shouldn’t be conspicuously high above or close to the sink.

2. Contemporary

Contemporary bathroom designs encompass softened and curvilinear lines rather than stark and formal lines. In most contemporary designs, homeowners prioritize luxury rather than spatial needs. When choosing a vanity mirror for the master bath, you have the liberty to use every ounce of creativity.

Forget matching the vanity mirror to the décor and go all out.

You can create a striking design by introducing a countertop vanity from one wall to the other. Create a marble or granite frame for your vanity mirror to match the countertop. The vanity shouldn’t be wider than the sink. If the countertop vanity is 3000mm wide, install a 2800mm mirror within the (two) 100mm frames.

3. Simple

Too many things going on in a vanity design cause visual chaos that can be very confusing. Simplicity is about introducing harmony and balance between various visual elements. The minimalist vanity is very calming and easy on the eye, making it a great style to choose for your bathroom scheme.

A simple vanity mirror suits a small powder room that you need to declutter for the best outcomes.

Install a wall-hung vanity unit and a round mirror above it. Choose a mirror that’s a bit smaller than the sink. Try to pair a 30-inch wide vanity with a 26-28 inch mirror.

4. Rustic

If you love to bring a natural touch to your bathroom, you need to decorate the space with natural materials such as stones and wood. Rustic bathrooms bring flair with reclaimed wood and decorative beams.

A rustic design vanity with dark wood will make a huge impact in your bathroom. Introduce the vanity mirror as a relief against the wall. For the best results, experts recommend installing a 22-inch mirror above the 26-inch vanity.

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