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5 Best Utility Knives for Homeowners (And General Home Use)

The Best Utility Knife for Homeowners

Top Pick
Milwaukee 48-22-1502 Fastback Folding Utility Knife

The Milwaukee 48-22-1502 Fastback utility knife comes from a great name in tooling, it has an ergonomic grip, the additional blade storage is a huge plus, and changing blades couldn’t be easier.

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10/28/2021 04:27 am GMT

Finding the best utility knife to use around the house is a headache. You need an option that’s always there and working whenever you need it. Homeowners never know when or why they’ll need a knife, so you need something small, easy to use, and a knife that doesn’t require maintenance.

You’ll find what you’re looking for on this list. We’re going to highlight the top 5 options in this category, and you can decide which is right for you.

Let’s get started.

Utility Knives Mentioned In This Post

Below is a list of what I’ve found to be the best utility knives for homeowners and general around the house use. I’m confident in recommending any one of these utility knives for you use in your house.

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We’re going to give some details about each of the knives on this list. If you’re ever lost about what a term means or what you should care about, check out the buying guide at the bottom of this article.

1. Milwaukee 48-22-1502 Fastback

This option is the top pick for this category. Milwaukee is a huge name in the world of tooling, and it has become synonymous with getting exception results at reasonable prices.

This blade will quickly flip closed so you can safely carry it around. When it’s closed, you get access to wire strippers thanks to its smart design.

You can also move the blade and get a gut hook. This knife will attach to you through a wire flip or on a lanyard so it’s always around.

You can store 5 blades in reserve on this knife. Quickly lock and unlock the blades with a single button on the knife.

The versatility and craftsmanship of this knife give it the title of Top Pick. It’s the best option on this list for general home use.


  • Strong brand
  • Highly versatile
  • Good craftsmanship
  • Easy to use


  • Most expensive option (by a few dollars)

2. FC Folding Pocket Utility Knife

Next up is the Folding Pocket Utility Knife from FC. This option accepts standard blade sizes and allows the user to quickly change blades over.

This knife requires you to press a button to close the blade. That means it won’t accidentally close as you’re working and cut you.

It comes with a holster and 5 replacement blades to keep you cutting. This is a really well-built option that uses a metal body. It’s reliable and has added safety and convenience features which makes your life easier.


  • Safety features
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Plenty of replacement blades


  • Less ergonomic than other options

3. DEWALT DWHT10035L Folding Retractable Utility Knife

Let’s take a look at DEWALT’s option. This is a retractable knife as opposed to the previous two folding options.

The great thing about this knife is how easy it is to use. Since you use the slider to extend and retract the knife, there’s no guesswork that goes into the process.

It has a storage compartment in the back to house new blades.

To change the blade, you just have to slide out the blade, grab and remove it, and slide in the new one.

It fits comfortably in your hand and has a lot of grip so the blade won’t slip. It’s a great option and it comes to DEWALT’s signature color scheme.


  • Ergonomic and comfortable grip
  • Storage for blades
  • Easy to replace and use blades


  • Blades seem to dull quickly

4. Stanley Fat Max 10-778

Another retractable blade is the Stanley Fat Max 10-778.

This blade has a comfortable curve to it that makes it a bit easier to use.

You’ll notice there’s an additional safety feature to this blade – you can lock and unlock the blade with a separate button. That ensures no one gets hurt during the process.

There is a blade wiper that protects the blade. Additionally, there’s a clamp and guide that removes that annoying blade wobble.

The blade has grips along the handle which makes it comfortable and safer to use. The blades are easy to change.

This is a sturdy option that feels great in your hand.


  • Sturdy and reliable knife
  • Additional features for convenience
  • Good safety features


  • Wiper sometimes gets stuck on the blade
  • Some quality issues over time

5. WORKPRO Retractable Utility Knife

The last option on the list is the WORKPRO Retractable Utility Knife.

It has a top button that lets you slide the blade dynamically. A side button allows you to click between three pre-set positions.

It also has a locking button that keeps the blade in place.

This knife comes with 2 additional blades that are stored in the internal compartment. Changing the blades is really quick and safe.

The feel of this knife is really comfortable and sturdy, and it rests well in your hand. It uses a full-aluminum body so there’s never any give or wobble.


  • Comfortable and sturdy feel
  • Good safety features
  • Great blade control


  • Blades dull quickly
  • Brand isn’t strong

Buying Guide: What to Look For In A Good Utility Knife For Your House

After seeing the different options, you might have some questions. Let’s review some key features that will sway your decision.


The thing to keep in mind is that the cost won’t be a huge issue here. The difference between the least and most expensive options on this list is $10.

We never want to overpay for a product, but when it comes to these options you don’t have to worry about it.

Retractable vs Folding

These knives are available in two major styles: retractable and folding.

Folding knives are more compact and they fold into themselves for safe storage. These options are typically easier to carry around in your pocket or on your belt.

Retractable knives use a sliding button to adjust how much of the blade is showing. People tend to avoid transporting them on their body because if the slider is accidentally moved, the blade will come out. They are good options around the house, though.

Ease of Blade Swap

You should understand that the blade used in your knife is not going to last forever. Every cut you make will dull the blade.

Over time, the blade will become more dull and you’ll have to replace it. It’s important to buy a knife that allows you to change this blade easily, safely, and quickly.

Every option on this list features easy blade swapping, just beware if you shop on your own to find a utility knife.


As a homeowner, you want a lot of functionality with your knife.

Some of the options on this list have additionally wire gut hook and wire strippers (like our Top Pick). The more your knife can do, the easier your projects around the house will become.

Understand how many different needs you might encounter for your knife before making your decision.

Fast Working

One of the most important features of your knife is how quickly it can start cutting. You don’t want an option that you need to jump through hoops for.

Knives with high maintenance will ruin the utility of the knife. The options on this list don’t require a lot of maintenance, and they’re always ready when you pick them up.

The Brand Name

Finally, it’s worth mentioning the power of the brand name in this category. If you have other tools in your home, you’ll realize that the brand of a tool says a lot about it.

Brands are pretty consistent with the quality of their tools. A brand that makes a poor impact driver will probably also make a poor utility knife. Keep that in mind while you’re shopping around.


Now you know more about knives that you can use around the house. Any option on this list is a really strong choice.

The best option will be highly functional, feature easy blade swapping, and have safety designs to keep you safe. If you want the best results, then you should definitely go with the Milwaukee 48-22-1502 Fastback.

Top Pick
Milwaukee 48-22-1502 Fastback Folding Utility Knife

The Milwaukee 48-22-1502 Fastback utility knife comes from a great name in tooling, it has an ergonomic grip, the additional blade storage is a huge plus, and changing blades couldn’t be easier.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
10/28/2021 04:27 am GMT
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