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10 Best Power Tool Brands for Homeowners

Whether you need to get some work done around the house or you are interested in updating your professional tools, you will find there are a lot of great power tool options out there. Homeowners want to make sure they get high-quality tools that will get the work done, without all of the hassle along the way. Luckily, there are quite a few power tool options out there to help meet your needs. 

The best power tool brands include high-quality products that can work well for home repair and for professional use. Many will come with a wide variety of tool options to help you get exactly what you need. Some even offer equipment for outdoor use and construction sites. 

There are many different brands out there that offer power tools to customers. But which one is the best? Let’s take a look at which power tools are the best so you can make a good decision on which one can get your project done. 

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The Best Power Tool Brands For Homeowners

There are many power tool brands out there to choose from. Each one will bring in a different type of quality and different tools that you can enjoy. Some of the best power tool brands available include:

1. DeWalt

DeWalt top power tool brand for homeowners

Founded in 1923, DeWalt is one of the best tool makers in the world with hundreds of power tools. You can choose between both wired and wireless. This company has since been acquired through Black & Decker, but it still a brand of choice for many professionals in the market right now. If you choose to go with DeWalt, you will be able to find lots of options like sanders, laser levels, drills, and all the hardware you need. 

The Benefits

  • One of the oldest brands around. 
  • Hundreds of power tools to use
  • All the tools and accessories that you need.

The Negatives

  • Some believe that quality has gone down since they were bought out. 

If you want to go with DeWalt, you will notice that there are a lot of options. Make sure to pick out the right accessories that go with it ahead of time. 

2. Milwaukee

milwaukee power tool brand

There have been several owners of this brand, but it originally grew to popularity because of their Hole Shooter. This Hole Shooter is one of the first one-handed drills available on the market that has a 1/4 -inch chuck. That is just one of the great tools that you can find from this company. They also provide many other tools and outdoor equipment to help you get work done well.

The Benefits

  • Offers gas-powered and corded tools along with battery-powered 
  • Have three platforms to work with including the 12v, 18v, and 72v. 
  • The One-Key platform that helps contractors manage all their tools in one place. 

The Negatives

  • Not as many options available as other brands. 

This is a brand that is popular with some of the professional contractors who want to get work done and have everything that they need in one place. These tools are amazing for even the most rugged conditions. 

3. Black & Decker

black and decker power tool brand

If you are looking for another great American brand to work with, then Black & Decker is one of the best to choose, even if you only plan to do some work around the home. Black & Decker is more on the consumer side of things, focusing on giving products that are used by homeowners and not contractors. They do have some specialized tools though that can make using this brand a lot of fun. You can even find hedge trimmers and lawnmowers that fit into this brand. 

The Benefits

  • Products made to use at home. 
  • Some fun specialized tools
  • Works not only on repairing things, but also for tools for the lawn. 

The Negatives

  • Their catalog is limited when it comes to tools contractors can use. 

If you want some great tools that can be used at home to help with home improvement and other options, then Black & Decker is the right choice for you. Black & Decker is able to help with all of those household taks you need to finish. 

4. Craftsman

5. Ridgid

This company is a little bit different than the others on the list and focuses more on providing tools for HVAC and plumbing. It began in 1923 and is known for its pipe wrenches the most. It may not be used as much by handymen, but there are some great drills, saws, and drivers to work with too. 

The Benefits

  • Great for plumbing and HVAC
  • Some good options for around the house. 

The Negatives

  • Not as many options, especially if you need tools with interchangeable batteries. 

This brand is the best one to use for plumbing and HVAC purposes. 

6. Kobalt

7. Makita

8. Metabo HPT

9. Bosch

This brand is from Germany and was started in 1886. It has grown into a huge household name that is perfect for serious amateurs who want to get some good projects done. They provide most of the tools that you want, but most of them are based on the 18v platform. They have a few other options but not much. 

The Benefits

  • The oldest brand on our list
  • High-quality tools for everyone. 
  • Works on the 18V platform

The Negatives

  • They are more expensive
  • Very few 12V options

If you want some of the high-quality German power tools, then this is the right brand for you. 

10. Skil

SKIL 5280-01 15-Amp 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Single Beam Laser Guide

This brand was begun in 1926 and it is arguably one of the best power tool brands on our list. There are a lot of great options that are available through this company, but their reputation grew due to their circular saw, known as the Skilsaw Model 77, which has been around since 1937. 

The Benefits

  • Been around for a long time
  • A huge reputation of high-quality
  • Lots of tools to work with
  • Best known for the table and circular saws

The Negatives

  • Their selection of tools is less than some other brands. 

There are some good tools available through this company, but most of their focus is on the high-quality table and circular saws. 

Final Thoughts

Power tools can be a great option to help you get the best results for any home improvement project that you want. These tools come in different types and qualities and each brand is a little different in the amount of power tools they will provide to customers. When you are ready to pick out a new set of power tools, consider one of the great options above. 

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