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8 Best Lawn Mower Blades For Bagging and Mulching (Guide To Replacement Blades)

best lawn mower blades for bagging
My Top Pick!
Oregon 21-Inch Lawn Mower Blade

I can say without any hesitation that Oregon blades are the best lawn mower blades to use...across the board.

I use them on all of my lawn mowers, whether its my Craftsman push mower or my Husqvarna riding lawn mower.

Oregon's 26-point quality checklist ensures that the blades are just as good, if not better, than the OEM blades that come with your mower. (I personally think they're better)

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Choosing Replacement Blades For Your Lawn Mower

When you purchase a new lawn mower, whether its a riding mower or a push mower, you’ll almost always find that it comes with a brand spanking new set of mower blades that are razor sharp and ready to go. This can save a lot of time and hassle for those of us who are chomping at the bit to fire up the lawn mower and get to work cutting the grass and making our yard the envy of the neighborhood.

But what happens when you need to buy new blades for the lawn mower because the original ones either don’t work or are just aren’t sharp any longer?

That’s exactly why I put this article together…to give you a little nudge in the right direction as far as where to go and how to find the best lawn mower blades either for bagging or for your side discharge mower.

Do Replacement Blades Need To Be From The Same Manufacturer?

replacing lawn mower blades with non OEM blades

Most people in this situation worry about buying new blades because they think they’re stuck with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) options. These can often times be great blades, but they can also be really expensive to install on the lawn mower.

The good news is there are many different types of lawn mower blades that you can choose that are made by other manufacturers and will fit just perfectly on your lawn mower. Some of the mower blades mentioned may not be OEM qualified, but they’re still made out of high-quality material, made to last and designed to cut your grass like a boss. 

So let’s take a look at some of the best lawn mower blades for you to choose. These work on a wide variety of different types of lawn mowers, stay sharp, are easy to maintain and will make your grass look like a pro landscaper has had their way with it.

8 Best Lawn Mower Blades For Bagging (Reviews)

best replacement blades for lawn mowers

It is important to choose the right blades for your lawn mower. This will ensure that they can stay sharp for longer and that your grass looks amazing when everything is done. Some of the best lawn blades to work with include:

1. Oregon 95-057 Lawn Mower Blade

One of the top non-OEM blades available is the Oregon brand. This blade is going to work with pretty much any type of 21-inch mowers so if you have one of this size, then this is the right one for you. It even works with Craftsman and Honda. 

The Oregon blade is going to use a 26-point quality checklist to ensure that their blades, even though they are non-OEM, are just as good as the OEM blades you can purchase. This is a great blade that will make your grass look amazing at a much lower price. 

The Benefits

  • The blade is designed to stay sharper for longer
  • It is very durable. 
  • It is one of the best non-OEM blades around. 

2. Rotary Blades

Rotary Blades are a high lift blade specifically designed to work with some of the top names of lawnmowers out there including Husqvarna, Poulan, craftsman, and Deck. They may also work on a few other brands but check ahead of time before choosing to use them. 

They can work on the 48-inch deck version of each of these lawn mowers so make sure that you only install them on those. Since this is a larger lawnmower, you need to remember that before purchasing. 

When you purchase these, they are going to come with three blades that work together to cut the grass and make it look better than ever. We already mentioned the types of mowers that these blades seem to work the best on. They are all walk-behind mowers to make it easy to know how to use them. 

The Benefits

  • Made in the United States
  • Works well with a bagger
  • A high lift blade designed to better throw the grass clippings better. 
  • They work with larger lawnmowers. 

3. Toro 22 Inch Recycler Mower Replacement Blade 59534P

If you need a good replacement blade to help create mulch and that works well on a Toro mower, then this is one of the best options. It will work just on the Toro mower and is meant to cut the grass with just one blade. This is great for getting some of the mulch you need to place in a bag on the mower. 

For homeowners who are not fond of raking leaves and would rather mulch the grass to leave over the lawn over the winter, then this is a great option. It can be a little bit of a pain to work on cutting the grass since there is only one blade. 

This blade is not meant to work with some of the other brands of mowers so be aware of that ahead of time. It is a high-quality blade though and one of the best replacement options if you own a Toro lawn mower. 

The Benefits

  • It is affordable and works well. 
  • It can make the mulch really fine
  • The blade is rust-resistant
  • It fits on a Toro mower

4. MaxPower 331740S Mower Blade

Next on the list is this option from MaxPower. This one works on some of the biggest brands of lawn mowers, so it is a great replacement blade no matter what you need to mow up at the time. 

This one cuts just as well as an OEM blade, without all of the costs. It even stays sharp for longer. MaxPower is an OEM blade that will stick around a long time and may make your lawn look better than before. 

This type of blade is also really easy to replace. It does come with a 5-point center hole so you can attach the blade so check the mower to ensure it can do this before you make a purchase at all. Most mowers come with either a 5-point center or a 6-point center so it is important to check that your mower can handle this blade. 

The Benefits

  • Stays sharp longer than most other blades, saving you a lot of time and money. 
  • Made in the United States
  • One of the easiest blades on our list to install. 

5. Honda 72531-VH7-000 + 72511-VH7-000 Lawn Mower Blade Set (Best Mulching Blade)

This blade is specifically made to work with the Honda HRX 21-inch lawn mower. It is a replacement mulching blade designed to get a top rating from pretty much anyone who decides to use it in their lawn mower. 

There are very few bad things about this blade and most customers are more than happy to use it and recommend to their friends. This one does not need any sharpening at all and is an OEM blade so you know you are getting the best quality each time. 

The Benefits

  • An affordable OEM blade
  • Provides some of the best mulching
  • No sharpening needed to get started with it.

6. USA Mower Blades

This is another highly-recommended replacement blade that does some amazing work on your yard. It is made by the reputable USA Mower company. They create many different types of mower blades for different mowers, but this one is specifically designed for the 21-inch mowers. 

This is designed to work with a riding lawn mower and can be compatible with most of the major brands of lawnmowers out there including Viking, Craftsman, and more. They are heat-treated steel blades that have a layer of epoxy on them to keep them strong and working well. 

These blades are ready to move through almost any kind of yard and through it all, they will stay as sharp as the original OEM blades. The good news is they will not cost anything near the same as the OEM blades. 

The Benefits

  • Good for grass that is tall and dense
  • Made in the Untied States
  • Has a high-lift style available to make your grass look great. 

7. MR Mower Blades 195-005

This is a large blade, meant to work best in the 42-inch sized lawn mowers. It is an excellent option for owners who want the best cut grass but do not want to work with OEM blades. These blades are really sharp so you can get fine grass clippings, ones that will compost quickly and start to provide nourishment to the yard. 

These blades work well with both walk-behind and riding lawn mowers and can fit many different models. You are likely to find these, or another similar one from the same company, will work on your lawn mower in no time. 

The Benefits

  • They are effective when it comes to mulching fast and efficiently. 
  • Made in the United States
  • Really sharp

8. Stens 340-066 Mulching Blades

The final option we can look at when it comes to the best lawn mower blades are these from the Stens company. You will be able to purchase a four-pack of some of the best non-OEM blades. They are meant to work with all 42-inch riding mowers. 

Since the pack is so big, you will always have an extra set of them ready to go, even if the first pair breaks. These are some of the best ones on the market. They cut right through the grass, even when it is long and touch, and often behave better than the original OEM blades can do when making your yard look good. 

How to Choose the Best Lawn Mower Blade

how to choose lawn mower blades for bagging and mulch

When you first start shopping around for a lawn mower blade, you may feel like there are a ton of choices available all the time. One blade may look like the other if you are not familiar with how these work, and it is frustrating to know which one is right for making your yard look nice. Some of the things to consider when choosing a lawn mower blade when you need to replace yours includes:

Do I Need an OEM Blade?

Many consumers are hesitant about purchasing a new blade for their mower because they assume that they have to purchase an OEM blade to get anything done. OEM blades are amazing. They are sharp, durable, and will last a long time. They often have to meet certain standards to fit this kind of category. 

However, these are expensive blades. Many consumers do not want to use them because the price is too high. The good news is that, as long as you find the right blade that fits your mower, you can get a high-quality lawn mower blade that is not OEM and will not cost you as much to use. 

Most of the blades on our list are not considered OEM blades. This helps you to get the exceptional quality that your lawn mower needs. Make sure that it fits with lawn mower and you can get one without the high cost. 

The Length of the Blade

The first thing to consider when choosing a blade is the length of the blade. Most blades on the market will range between 16.75 inches and 22 inches when it comes to the length. Most are closer to 21 to 22 inches. Never just purchase one for good reviews though. You need to make sure that you get the right one based on the type of mower that you have. 

It is important to choose the right length of the blade to go with your lawn mower. If you get a blade that is too short, it is not going to cut a wide enough area and you may need to go over the area more than once to make the yard look nice. If you get a blade that is too long, then they will not fit in the mower and you will need to get them replaced. 

The Width of the Blade

The width of the blade is something that a lot of people forget all about, but it is just as important as the length of the blade. If you choose a blade that is too wide on the mower, it can become damaged. If you get one too small, then you may need to purchase more blades to make the mower do its job. Most blades will be between 2.25 inches and 3.5 inches total

The Deck Size

The size of the deck can determine how many blades you will need to purchase as well. The size of the deck will really depend on how big the mower is, or what model and make of mower you have purchased. Most push mowers are going to range somewhere between 16 to 30 inches so you need a blade that is able to fit in that size range. Many of the blades that we discussed in our list will be close to 21-inches so that is a good starting point. 

Since most riding lawn mowers are a little bit bigger, it stands to reason that they will need a blade that is a little bit bigger. You can look at the owners’ manual to decide what size blade is the best. If you are still uncertain, then you can take the old blade off the lawn mower and measure how long it is. Use this as your guide for how long you need the new blade to be. 

How Many Blades

You need to check how many blades will come with your purchase. If you have a riding mower, your goal is to purchase a set of blades that will match the width of the mowing deck. This will depend on the type of deck you have and how big it is. For a push mower, you may find that one blade is enough, though some like to go with two blades to make sure that they get the grass cut well. 

The Blade Holes

Another thing to look at is the blade holes. Some of the blades will come with a 5-point opening, while others have a 6-point opening. You need to first check to see which one will fit with your mower. Even if the manufacturer of the blade says it will work with your type of mower, it is important to check the make and model yourself to be certain. Check that the size of the opening is the same while you look. 

The Shape of the Blade

Before you decide to go out and purchase a set of replacement blades, you need to first look at the original blades and study them a little. Do you see that they are parallel or perpendicular? How are they shaped?

Buying replacement blades that match with the original blades on the lawn mower is the easiest way to make sure you’re set up for the best performance possible.

If you can’t find something that matches completely, that is fine. But be sure to get something that is at least very similar to make it easier on yourself when replacing the blades.


How long do lawn mower blades last?

The average length of time that a lawn mower blade will last is about 25 hours before it needs to be sharpened. Some blades can keep going for as much as 400 hours before needing to be replaced, but those are typically higher quality blades. The average lawn mower blade has a lifespan of around 150 hours.

What is the best type of blade to use for bagging?

A high lift blade is the best type of blade to use for bagging. That’s because high lift mower blades are designed to create a strong upward airflow (or vacuum) that quickly moves the grass clippings up and away from the blades, forcing the grass clippings out the chute and into the lawn mower’s bag.

How do you know if a blade fits your model of lawn mower?

The best way to know if a blade fits your model of lawn mower is to look at the OEM number on the existing blade. You can use this number to find an exact match. You can also check the manual that came with the lawn mower.

Another way is to check the length of the blade and the hole pattern. There are several different types of center hole designs, including a number of different sized circles, rounded rectangle, H-pattern, Y-pattern, and 5-point, 6-point, or 7-point star pattern. By knowing the blade’s length and the correct center-hole size, you should be able to find a replacement lawn mower blade that fits your model of lawn mower.

Should you buy new lawn mower blades or sharpen old ones?

Lawn mower blades can be sharpened a number of times before you need to buy new ones. If the blades on your mower have not been sharpened before, or have only been sharpened a couple of times, it’s better to sharpen the old ones before buying new ones.

What are high lift lawn mower blades?

High lift lawn mower blades are designed with deeper curves on the ends of the blade (wings) which create enough airflow, or suction, to circulate and eject the grass clippings. The increased air flow also helps prevent clogging when mowing tall or wet grass.

Picking a Blade for Your Needs

Your lawnmower can be a big asset when you prepare for the spring and summer months. Keeping your grass cut short not only looks nice, but will really make a difference in how many bugs and mosquitos are able to make their way into your yard. With a good lawn mower and a sharp blade to work with it, you’re certain to really keep the grass nice and short all through the summer. 

If you’re lawn mower uses a 21 inch blade, then you can’t go wrong with the Oregon blades I mentioned in this article as being the best. These are the blades I use on all of my own lawn mowers and have no hesitation recommending them to you.

My Top Pick!
Oregon 21-Inch Lawn Mower Blade

I can say without any hesitation that Oregon blades are the best lawn mower blades to use...across the board.

I use them on all of my lawn mowers, whether its my Craftsman push mower or my Husqvarna riding lawn mower.

Oregon's 26-point quality checklist ensures that the blades are just as good, if not better, than the OEM blades that come with your mower. (I personally think they're better)

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

There are many great lawn mower blades that you can choose from on the market. It is important to understand how each one works and to choose the one that works for your specific type of mower and where you want the grass clippings to go. Take a look through the buying guide above, and at our list of lawn mower blades, to help you pick the right one for your needs. 

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