The Best Kitty Litter Scoop: Save Your Back With This Cat Pooper Scooper!


Let’s just face it, no one really enjoys stooping down onto their knees, or bending over breaking their back, with kitty litter box scooper in hand to clean up after their cat.  I don’t enjoy it, and you don’t enjoy it.  But if you’re a cat owner, cleaning the kitty litter box is just one of the things we do for our cats.

Unfortunately, not everyone is physically able to bend down to clean the litter box. Sure, there are expensive automatic litter box cleaners out there, but there’s  another option that’s significantly less expensive.  So save your cash and spend it on your feline companion instead!

Kitty Litter Scoop…Your Most Important Tool!

For those of you out there that don’t mind cleaning the litter box yourselves, the most important tool you own is the kitty litter scoop.  As you probably already know, kitty litter scoops come in two different styles…short handle and long handle. Long handle pooper scoopers are excellent for saving your back because you can scoop from a standing position rather than bending over the litter box. Another advantage to using a long handle kitty litter scoop is that it keeps the waste farther away from you exposing you to to less litter dust.


So What Is The Best Kitty Litter Scoop?

The Sand Dipper Jr Long Handle Back Saver Cat Litter Scoop

best kitty litter scoop is the long handle sand dipper jr litter box scoop

Why The Sand Dipper Jr Is The Best Kitty Litter Scoop

  • 27 inches total length. No more kneeling down to clean the cat’s litter box!
  • 4 inch stainless stell basket
  • 4 inch handle makes cleaning the litter box a breeze
  • Long Handle – prevents inhalation of harmful dust and provides a more hygienic litter disposal experience at ‘arms length’.

Why The Sand Scooper Is The Best Kitty Litter Scoop

  • The long 28 inch handle on the Sand Scooper helps prevent the accidental breathing in of dust from the litter box.
  • This cat litter scoop will prevent needless bending over to reach the litter box.  No more back pain!  Clean the litter box while standing.
  • The large basket easily sifts clumps without needless dust build up.
  • The sturdy 4 inch handle and adjustable wrist strap will ensure you are in control while cleaning the litter box.
  • Wrist strap also doubles as a hanging mechanism.

Pros and Cons of the Sand Dipper Jr as the Best Kitty Litter Scoop


  • Light Weight durable materials
  • Durable Construction
  • Can be used to pick up other items without bending over
  • Decreases needless exposure to kitty litter dust


  • Could afford to be a couple inches longer, especially for tall people
  • Corners of the litter box may be difficult to clean with the round metal litter scoop


What Others Are Saying About The Best Kitty Litter Scoop


“It’s small enough to catch the “pieces” that other scoops miss but open enough to sift quickly and quicker than any plastic scoop design. It’s worth it for that feature alone.”

“This is probably the best litter scoop I have ever had. It is well constructed, the shape and material make sifting easy, and the length makes it so I don’t have to bend down to the box to clean it.”

“…You won’t be disappointed. My family loves this thing.”

“Love them. Most likely will order more!”





If you are ready to start saving your back and stop bending and kneeling over to clean out the litter box, then this may be the right cat litter scoop for you.

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