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5 Best Gutter Guards For The Money (Reviews and Buyers Guide)

best gutter guards for the money

Climbing up a ladder or onto the roof with a bucket and a scoop to clean out a clogged gutter is a serious hassle and I’ve never met anyone who loves doing it. Actually, I despise gutter cleaning. That’s why I decided to go ahead and install a gutter screen to act as a first line of defense at gutter protection.

But it’s a job that must be done if you don’t have a gutter cover. So in this post, I want to show you what I’ve found to be the best gutter guards for the money, so you can say goodbye to cleaning out the rain gutter and the potential of clogging its downspout.

The Best Gutter Guards For The Money

Leaves, pine needles, seeds, and shingle debris can clog your gutters quickly. This will limit your drainage capacity and can lead to debris and ice dams that could damage your gutters or your roof.

Gutter guards can help to prevent these problems. Certain features provide the best coverage and drainage together. Let’s take a look at a few examples as well as features to look for.

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1. EasyOn Gutter Guard

EasyOn Gutter Guard 24' MegaDeal

EasyOn Gutter Guard is made from aluminum and steel. The aluminum sections allow you to fit the guards easily to your gutters the way they are mounted. Stainless steel is used in the fine mesh to provide your guards with a high tensile strength that won’t break or fray apart under normal conditions.

The angle they are mounted at will provide a nice slope to encourage water movement without causing spillover in most situations. They can be mounted on the facia or under the roofing cover. Fastening options include screwing the guards into place or using tape to secure them.


  • This product is made from high grade steel which keeps it sturdy when other fine mesh would fail
  • The system can handle 150 inches of rain each hour, an adequate drainage rate for 5.5-inch gutter systems
  • Each section of gutter guard can be attached in a variety of positions and ways


  • The cleanout process for your gutter channels will be more labor entensive with this system installed.

Take Away

It should work for most gutter systems but might be incompatible with high volume systems that are seven inches or more in width.

2. Raptor Gutter Guard

Raptor Gutter Guard | Stainless Steel Micro-Mesh, Contractor-Grade, DIY Gutter Cover. Fits Any Roof or Gutter Type - 48ft to a Box. Fits a Standard 5" Gutter.

The Raptor system is designed to work on gutters that are five-inches in width. That is a standard size for regions that experience average rainfall amounts or smaller.

The fine mesh is made from high-quality steel that provides durability and protection against rust that comes with long-term exposure to moisture. That durability is found throughout the system, including the hardware used to mount the gutter guards. thee features allow the manufacturer to offer a strong warranty.

The company also offers strong customer service that offers homeowners additional support during installation as well as maintenance.


  • Raptor gutter guards are covered by a strong 25-year warranty that supports consumer confidence
  • The materials used in construction of these guards is rust resistant, providing durability and preventing warping
  • Each set comes with a magnetic-head hex driver as well as installation screws


  • This item is designed to work on gutters that are five inches or thinner in width

Take Away

This product is a good alternative for homes with thinner gutter systems.

3. Amerimax Hoover Dam Gutter Guard

Amerimax Home Products 638010 Hoover Dam Gutter Guard, Black

Drainage is the standout feature on the Hoover Dam series by Amerimax. The dam design provides maximum water flow along the edge, helping to prevent ice dams from forming due to slow-moving drainage. Debris is allowed to dry on the flat surfaces where it can blow away or be removed easily by hand.

The company offers a 15-year limited warranty on this system. The powder-coated metal is part of the reason for that length of time, as it should not suffer from exposure to rain, snow, or ice.


  • This product can be stretched to provide coverage on four, five, and six inch wide runs
  • The powder coating used on the metal provides extra duability against the elements, including rust
  • Each bend in the guard allows it to stretch, while providing extra channels for watter flow to follow


  • This gutterr guard will lose some rigidity as it is stretched out to cover wider gutter valleys found on high-drainage systems

Take Away

This system can be used for a wide variety of gutter widths and provides excellent drainage.

4. LeafTek Gutter Guard Leaf Protection

LeafTek 5" x 32' Gutter Guard Leaf Protection in Black | DIY Premium Contractor Grade 35 Year Aluminum Covers | 32'/100'/200' Available in 5 or 6 Inch

One advantage of installing this product will be the added rigidity it provides to your gutters. That can make a difference in longevity should water freeze in the colder months, shrinking and expanding with temperature fluctuations.

The system includes extra ridges along the surface that offers additional paths for water to run along during heavy rains. Each hole in the mesh system is large enough to prevent blockage while maintaining a profile that will prevent leaves, seeds, and needles from forming blockages that could cause overspill or ice dams.


  • Multiple ridges across the surface help water to drain equally and quickly from the surface
  • This product line comes in a variety of colors that can match your existing gutter system without standing out
  • Holes of 1/8th-inch are used across the surface, a size that prevents most shingle grit from clogging them


  • The baked enamel finish used on the metal may not be as durable as other protective coatings

Take Away

This manufacturer offers a variety of color matches in five and six-inch gutters that are sold in many lengths.

5. E-Z Gutter Guard

E-Z-GUTTER GUARD EZ-Quick-10 Gutter Guard, Silver

The flexible gutter guard product can easily be shaped to fit over the valley of your existing drainage system. It creates a high-centered cover that encourages larger debris to fall off while still providing plenty of water access into the gutter valley.

As it does not need screws to hold it into place, it can be removed easily. That gives quick access to your gutters to keep them free from a build-up of debris, snow, and ice.


  • This product does not depend upon screws for holding power, eliminating the need to use them
  • The dome-shape of the guard once installed discourages the build-up of leaves along the surface of the gutter system
  • This product is easy to remove and will allow quick access into the gutter channel that it covers


  • The wider openings on this mesh will struggle against small seeds and needles while providing no protection from grit or other small debris

Take Away

This system is designed to be easy to install and maintain gutters exposed to large leaf debris.

What To Look For Before Buying Gutter Guards For Your House

Types of gutter guards

Your first step in selecting your gutter guards will be to determine which style, or type, of the system that you plan to use. Each type of gutter system has its advantages and disadvantages, including:

Screens: This material is often easy to install and can work well if your main problem is large debris such as leaves. They have large openings, however, and will allow materials like shingle grit to fall into your gutter system.

Surface tension guards: A set-up of this type will allow water to cling to the surface, dropping into the guard due to gravity. They will block leaves, pine needles, and other debris from entering the gutter channel. If the surface angle does not match the pitch of the roof, water may overshoot the gutters and can create debris dams in the gutter channel.

Fine screens: These will work like screens, but will prevent needles and seeds from entering the gutter channel as well. One problem found with many fine mesh products is the durability of the materials used, which can tear or wear out if there is a lack of tensile strength.

Best Features to Look For in Gutter Guards

First off, avoid systems that have gaps or wide openings in them. The spaces will allow debris to gather in the channel and will require cleaning. That includes many screen systems that use wide openings in the mesh.

Another consideration is how the gutter guards are installed. Systems that are placed under shingles may allow water to build up under the roofing material, causing moisture issues or damage from built-up ice. The may void your roof warranty as well.

Finally, keep in mind the manufacturer’s warranty, as this is often an indicator of material quality and ease of installation.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to purchase a gutter guard for your drainage system, take the time to look at what debris it needs to protect from. Wide screens offer plenty of water drainage but will struggle with all but large leaves from trees.

Keep in mind how the gutter guard system will install on the gutters themselves. If they require that you insert them under your roofing tile, that may be a concern if doing so will eliminate your roof warranty.

Make sure that the system you select allows you access to the gutter valleys without too much difficulty. That will allow you to keep the gutters free from build-ups of debris or ice.

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