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The Best Broadcast Spreader (For Grass Seed and Fertilizer)

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
03/07/2024 06:58 pm GMT

Is This The Best Fertilizer Spreader For Grass Seed and Fertilizer Money Can Buy?

I was lucky when I moved into our new house.  Not only did the previous owner of the house leave a Scotts walk behind fertilizer spreader, but he also left a very nice fertilizer spreader that attaches to the back of my lawn tractor.  

And that’s sweet, because the house we bought is on an acre with a large backyard and a large grassy pasture and orchard that would need to also be fertilized.  

So I got lucky, no doubt.  It’s been years since I’ve had to take a look at some of the best fertilizer spreaders that are out there.   But my day has finally come!  That’s because my trusty Scotts broadcast spreader finally stopped working for me.

But it sure isn’t the fertilizer’s fault!  Nope.  We had an accident in the shed where it’s stored.  Someone (and I’m not going to name names or point fingers) put the lawn fertilizer spreader away without properly rinsing it out.  

So what happens when you don’t rinse out the fertilizer spreader before storing it? Well, the fertilizer that was in there over the winter started collecting moisture, and a lot of it.  This moisture, mixed with the fertilizer started causing a significant amount of corrosion.

Long Story Short.  The fertilizer spreader that I got for free with my house is officially dead.

So that’s what forced me to enter the fertilizer spreader market.  And I was on a mission to find the best walk behind fertilizer spreader money could buy…without spending a lot of it!  

Here’s what I found:

The Best Broadcast Spreader For Grass Seed and Fertilizer


  1. Scotts Exclusive Edgeguard Technology
  2. Large Capacity Hopper holds up to 15,000 sq ft of lawn products
  3. Control panel with precision rate settings for more accurate coverage
  4. Delivered ready to use – no assembly required and pre-calibrated
  5. 5 foot spreader width
  6. When Edgeguard is engaged it will block off right side of spreader pattern to prevent product from spreading onto non-lawns areas.
  7. Less waste.   Less clean-up.  Better for your environment.

What Is EdgeGuard Technology?

EdgeGuard technology is a great feature on the Scott’s lawn fertilizer spreaders.  It functions by blocking off the spreader’s right side in order to prevent the product from spreading on hard surfaces or non-lawn areas.

I could have used this technology on the first house I owned.  I was using an even older broadcast fertilizer spreader to spread moss control in my yard.  Well, if you’ve never left moss control on the sidewalk…don’t do it.  

The chemicals in moss control, specifically the magnesium, if left on concrete, will stain it in no time.  

The same can be true for fertilizer too.  Always clean off any fertilizer that’s spread onto the concrete.  If left on, your concrete just might become stained with small brown polkadot marks.

EdgeGuard feature on Scott’s brand fertilizer spreaders will greatly reduce the likelihood of this happening to you.

Why This Is The Best Spreader For Grass Seed and Fertilizer?

It’s funny, because after all the looking around and reading I did through the online fertilizer spreader reviews, I kept coming back to Scotts.

Even though this model isn’t the same one that I used to own, it’s the same Scott’s brand.  

Let’s face it, these guys have been in the biz for a very long time.  If you’ve kept an eye on their products over the years, you’ll see that Scott’s is not afraid to make the necessary changes that their customers want.

Why I Chose Scotts As The Best Broadcast Spreader For Fertilizer:

  1. Price – This spreader is inexpensive when compared to the competition. Plus, lets face it, most of us don’t need a professional grade spreader that cost over $100.
  2. Sturdy And Well Built – The Scotts spreaders are built to last more than just a few seasons. Just take a look around.  You still see very old Scotts spreaders still being used by homeowners all around.
  3. Accurate Product Application – The Edgeguard is great for spreading fertilizer near driveways, sidewalks, and edged beds.
  4. Large Hopper Size – The hopper holds a lot of product, which cuts down on pit stops for refils. Even full, it is easy to push.

Other Things I Like About The Scott’sTurf Builder EdgeGuard Deluxe Broadcast Spreader

  • Large Capacity Hopper – This walk behind broadcast spreader has a massive sized hopper that allows you to fertilize up to a total of 15,000 sq ft!  This allows me to fertilize my entire back yard and front yard without having to stop by the shed for a refill.  So nice!
  • Accurate Fertilizer Application – EdgeGuard Technology, you can trust that the product you spread will be spread accurately.
  • Versatile – Works great for more than just lawn fertilizer.  This walk behind spreader can easily be used for salt in the winter time, moss control pellets, fire ant and other pest control, lime application and over seeding.
  • Fully Assembled – This fertilizer spreader comes completely assembled, calibrated and ready to use.
  • Dialed In Control – You can fine tune your fertilizer application rate by fine tuning the application dial thats calibrated upon arrival.

Tips For Using Broadcast Fertilizer Spreaders:

  • Always wash out the hopper, wheels and underside of the fertilizer spreader with clean water after each use, before storing it.
  • Don’t use your fertilizer spreader on a soaking wet lawn. The grass needs to be a little bit damp, but not soaking wet. This can lead to clumping of the fertilizer. Wait until the moisture on the grass has somewhat evaporated before fertilizing.  Sometimes I’ll turn on the sprinklers for a very short time, wait a bit, then fertilize.

Always, always check to see the proper application rate before starting. Too much product can be very destructive to your yard.  To check the correct spreader rate setting for your spreader, check here.


So those are all the reasons why I believe The Scott’sTurf Builder EdgeGuard Deluxe Broadcast Spreader is the best push fertilizer spreader for homeowners like us.  Inexpensive, easy to use, easy to clean and accurate fertilizer application.  

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
03/07/2024 06:58 pm GMT

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