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Best 20 Inch Chainsaw (Reviews and Buyers Guide)

Best 20 inch chainsaw

Whilst chainsaws aren’t necessarily an essential piece of equipment for the average homeowner, they do offer extra help around the yard and surrounding areas in terms of maintenance.

Smaller chainsaws are designed for light jobs such as pruning and limbing trees and bushes, but these limitations make them less capable than a larger chainsaw designed for bigger jobs.

20 inch chainsaws are a typical heavy duty chainsaw, designed for cutting down trees and cutting firewood.

They are most ideal for homeowners who live in a rural area, or who own land, as they are ideal for maintaining the health and safety of trees on property.

Not only can they chop up wood for fires, but chainsaws of this size can help to treat subsidence that damages houses.

They are also an essential tool for artistry such as carpentry, woodcutting and ice cutting.

We have found the 5 best 20 inch chainsaws to suit every need, and we have made a handy buyers’ guide and FAQ section to help you find the ideal chainsaw. 

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Top Pick
OppsDecor Gas Chainsaw 62CC Gasoline Powered Chainsaw 20 Inch 2 Stroke Handheld Petrol Chain Saw with Tool Kits for Cutting Trees, Wood, Farm Garden Courtyard Use(Bright Orange)

This powerful chain has a 62cc gasoline engine with a maximum speed of 8500 r/min, an ideal heavy duty chainsaw.

It has an easy installation and is lightweight, weighing around 9 to 11 pounds, allowing for long usage without exhaustion.

This, with its soft rubber handle, makes it a comfortable chainsaw to use. This chainsaw is designed for a long service life with its built-in chain oilers and air filter system, and it is made of ABS plastic to prevent overheating or aging. 

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Product Reviews

1.OppsDecor Gas Chainsaw 62CC

The OppsDecor chainsaw is designed for power, comfort, and simplicity.

With a strong 62cc and a low recoil chain, it is made with efficiency in mind, plus with a 20% fuel consumption reduction.

This chainsaw is made from strong plastic that is designed to repel overheating and has a strong wear resistance, meaning you won’t have to worry about replacing it every so often as the service life is said to last more than 5 times an ordinary chain will last.

It weighs roughly 9 to 11 pounds, making it a lightweight and moveable chainsaw that won’t make arms ache after long usage, and has a soft rubber handle to help with the comfort even more.

As an extra bonus, this chainsaw has an easy installation process that can be completed within minutes.

This chainsaw also comes with several accessories, including goggles, a tool kit, an oil tank, and a chainsaw bag.


  • Lightweight and durable design for maximum comfort
  • Powerful 62cc engine with low fuel consumption
  • Quick and easy installation


  • May be too intense for those looking for a chainsaw for light jobs

2.RUINOPAR 62CC Gas Chainsaw

Another 62cc chainsaw, this product is made for power and a low-kickback. This means you can cut through a tree without jumping from the strength of the chainsaw.

The RUINOPAR 20 inch chainsaw features a high quality chain with an automatic oil system that keeps the chain appropriately greased for safety and maintenance, assuring you won’t have to replace it regularly.

It is designed with ergonomics in mind, with a non-slip handle and a lightweight balance for longer uses.

Along with the low kick-back, there is a quick stop to help with controlling the chainsaw, and has a safety switch to avoid accidental starts when it is not in use or in the hands of the user.

The sharp chain is ideal for cutting wood as well as more gentle work such as woodcarving and ice cutting. The installation is quick and easy as it is already put together. 


  • Powerful design with 62cc and a 4.1 high horsepower 
  • Ideal for cutting trees as well as woodcarving and ice cutting
  • Lightweight and balanced design for maximum comfort 


  • As with most 20 inch chainsaws, it may be too advanced for those looking for light jobs

3. COOCHEER Chainsaw, 62CC 2 Stroke Gas Powered

This chainsaw is ideal for doing those light jobs properly. With a 3.5 horsepower and a 62cc engine, it is a powerful chainsaw that allows for steady work with a low-kickback chain.

This is the best of both worlds, because it can offer strength and steadiness whenever necessary.

This chainsaw features an air filtration system and a chain oiler to help maintain the high quality and increase the longevity of the product.

The main material is ABS plastic which has no melting point, so it works fine with long usage and high temperatures without being physically affected.

Installation is quick and straightforward, and it comes with a manual, tool kit, fuel mixing bottle, and chainsaw bag for some of the added accessories.

The chainsaw features an easy-to-use knob to begin cutting fast and efficiently. 


  • Powerful but can also work for light jobs such as pruning or basic shaping of trees and bushes
  • Made of a heavy duty ABS plastic 
  • Built-in air filter system and chain oiler


  • It may smoke slightly because of the high 25 to 1 oil and gas recommended mixture

4. KGK 58CC Gas Powered Chainsaw

The KGK chainsaw is slightly different to the previous chainsaws on our list, as the engine power is a slightly lower 58cc.

Don’t get us wrong, this is still a very powerful piece of machinery, but this does allow for doing lighter jobs.

This chainsaw comes with a handy air filter system and chain oiler to assure a high quality standard of maintenance without having to rely on replacements.

A three-tier gasoline filter makes sure it can withstand high temperatures and can work for long periods of time.

It is also designed to have satisfying ergonomics, assuring there is a good balance and the handle is comfortable enough to hold without any slipping or jolting from any potential kickback.

The chainsaw is accompanied by a tool kit, two chains and spark plugs, a manual, a chainsaw bag, and a fuel mixing bottle to name a few. 


  • Works smoothly for both light and heavy duty jobs
  • Air filter system and chain oiler to help with maintenance 
  • Efficient and comes with necessary accessories


  • Slightly lower engine power at 58cc rather than 62cc

5. Mauccau 58CC Gasoline Powered Chainsaw

Another 58cc powered engine on our list, the Mauccau gasoline powered chainsaw is effective for jobs ranging from light to medium to heavy duty.

This chainsaw has a helpful low-kickback chain that helps with stability and accuracy from the moment it is turned on – along with a guide board to further secure the safety.

It starts up by a rope wheel, accompanied by starting and stopping systems in case of emergencies, so you know exactly when your engine will start.

There is also a safety device in place to prevent it from being switched on accidentally.

The soft rubber handle is designed to repel vibrations that make using the chainsaw both comfortable and more stable to use, great for those jobs that require a little more focus.

The wear resistant chain comes with a chain oiler and an air cleaning system to prevent dust or shrapnel from affecting the chain or engine, allowing for a longer service life. 


  • Designed to prevent kickback and vibrations
  • Ideal for a range of jobs from small to large 
  • Built-in safety settings to ensure a longer service life
  • Small noise, lightweight and good balance


  • 58cc engine is not as powerful as a 62cc engine

Best 20 Inch Chainsaw Buyer’s Guide 

What 20 Inch Chainsaws Do?

20 inch chainsaws are considered a heavy duty chainsaw due to their size and power, meaning they are best equipped for cutting through thick wood.

This size is beneficial for those who live on rural land or who have property where tree maintenance is required.

Most homeowners may not need such a chainsaw size if they are only looking for a chainsaw for pruning and trimming trees and bushes, as smaller chainsaws are designed for lighter jobs.

If this is what you are looking for, it may be best to look into 14 inch, or smaller, chainsaws. 

However, if you are looking for a chainsaw to do every job around the yard or land, a 20 inch chainsaw can be a good multi-purpose investment if you learn how to use it properly.

Most 20 inch chainsaws are designed with ergonomics in mind, so the tool is lightweight and balanced for long usage.

This means that they can do the lighter jobs without being too powerful – especially if you get a chainsaw with a lower engine power of 62cc.

Generally speaking, 20 inch chainsaws are best designed for larger tasks such as cutting trees and firewood cutting.

Whilst a 16 inch chainsaw can technically cut through a 32 inch tree, if you intend to cut these size trees regularly, a larger chainsaw is recommended.

20 inch chainsaws are designed with longevity and service life in mind, so they will not need regular replacements. 

Safety and Ergonomics 

Safety is a vital quality to be aware of when purchasing or handling a chainsaw.

Fortunately, most 20 inch chainsaws come with built-in safety settings due to the power of the engines and length of the chain, but it is still important to be aware of what to look for.

The chainsaws we recommended on our list all come with automatic chain oilers to offer appropriate lubrication, as well as air filter systems to prevent dust and debris from affecting the engine.

These are not only beneficial to the safety of the chainsaw and user, but also improves the service life of the product. 

Chainsaws of this size are also built with ergonomics in mind, as they cannot be so heavy that they can’t be used for long periods of time.

The power of the engine and speed of the chain means that larger chainsaws have the potential to vibrate and can often be heavier.

They are therefore designed to be more lightweight and balanced for longer usage, and to assure an increase of control and accuracy.

Soft rubber handles that are anti-slip and anti-vibration are excellent also, as this provides comfortable and stable usage.

These handles and some chainsaws come with a low-kickback function that is vital for safety and control.

It is worth remembering that chainsaws are generally made for right-hand usage, so if you are left-handed, it is best to get comfortable with a handle first. 


Whilst most chainsaws come with a kit of accessories, it is worth investing in these add-on products for the sake of safety, convenience, and maintenance.

Making sure you have 2 chains is useful for a backup, tool kits are there for general maintenance (handy if your chainsaw doesn’t come with an automatic chain oiler), and chainsaw bags are beneficial for the safety and protection of the product.

For safety purposes, goggles, gloves, helmets, and ear defenders are essential for those heavy duty jobs such as cutting trees.

Safe clothing such as trousers and boots are designed to protect your body by slowing the speed of the chain should it get too close. 

Cutting power 

The easiest way to judge the power and size of a chainsaw’s engine is to look at their cubic centimetres measurement, also known as cc.

Gas chainsaws use this cc measurement in particular.The bigger the cc number, the larger the engine, and thus the more power.

62cc is a common and popular engine size for a 20 inch chainsaw to assure the power and size of the chain are well-matched for large tasks.

Lower engine sizes for this type of chainsaw, such as 58cc, are still powerful but provide a more versatile usage for less large tasks.

Horsepower, or hp, is also a reliable measurement for the power of the chainsaw and speed of the chain.

The chain speed will tell you how well equipped the chainsaw is for preventing dust from bogging the chain down. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which Chainsaw Is Best For Homeowners? 

This depends entirely on what the homeowner is needing a chainsaw for.

If it is for general maintenance, pruning and limbing trees for example, a smaller 12-14 inch chainsaw will suffice.

This is because they have less power, therefore more control for lighter jobs.

They are also recommended for beginners, along with the simple electric and battery operated chainsaws, as they have a shorter service life that is ideal for usage a handful of times a year.

For homeowners requiring a chainsaw for jobs slightly larger than just limbing and pruning trees, medium sized chainsaws ranging from 16-18 inches are best for general maintenance and multi-purpose jobs.

They aren’t powerful enough to cut through a whole tree, but are more beneficial for cutting large branches and logs. They are also best for light firewood cutting.

A 18-20 inch chainsaw is designed for the larger jobs and for longer periods of time, such as cutting thick tree trunks.

This may not be the ideal chainsaw for every homeowner, but is ideal for those living on rural land that requires heavy duty maintenance of trees. 

What Is The Best Size Chainsaw For Cutting Firewood? 

In theory, any chainsaw size can cut firewood. It is best to look for chainsaws within the 14-20 inch range for this, however, as anything smaller is not designed for cutting through solid wood.

The smaller the chainsaw size, the small the wood it can cut through. The most ideal size for cutting firewood is between 16-18 inches.

If the tree itself is larger, an 18-20 inch chainsaw is more beneficial. 

How Big Of a Tree Can The 20 Inch Chainsaw Cut? 

20 inch chainsaws are best for felling large trees such as oak, birch, or beech.

These trees have a larger and harder diameter that a 20 inch chainsaw is long enough to cut through.

To put it simply, larger tree diameters require longer chainsaws. For a tree with a diameter of 32-36 inches, a 20 inch chainsaw is ideal for cutting. 

What Chainsaw Do Professional Loggers Use? 

Understandably, professional loggers require the highest quality chainsaws on the market. This means the highest power, length, durability, and performance.

A 20 inch chainsaw is designed with all of these characteristics in mind, so whether you are a professional or just want the best equipment, these will suffice. 

Should I Get An 18 or 20 Inch Chainsaw?

Fortunately, there is not much of a difference between 18 and 20 inch chainsaws other than the extra couple of inches.

20 inch chainsaws also tend to be heavier due to the extra size and power of the engine, which makes them more ideal for heavy duty work.

Manufacturers have worked to prevent this heaviness by using lighter materials and focusing on a better balance so they can be used for the same amount of time as a 16 or 18 inch chainsaw.

As both are designed for larger tasks, it depends on how large your personal task is. 

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