Beautiful woman and bearded manBorn and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Father of 2. Husband of 1. Homeowner. Woodworker. Tool toodler.

I’ve always enjoyed doing as much as I can on my own, whether it’s remodeling my house, building a cabinet or installing an underground sprinkler system. If it’s something I don’t know how to do, I hit the internet and do my best to figure it out.

Over the years, there’s been one major thing I’ve noticed, which is more and more people hire out even the simplest and most basic of home maintenance and home repair projects.  It seems like more and more people are working harder, landing successful careers, leading successful lives and entering into home ownership..but at the same time, they are severely unequipped to care for their homes.

I don’t have all the answers for all the questions regarding home maintenance and home repairs.  But what I want to do, and what the purpose of this website is, is to share the things I do know and the things I continue to learn. I want to help equip you with a well rounded knowledge of what it is to have a home, take care of your home, and for the things around your home.

I have a ton of interests and am always on the hunt for new hobbies, much to my wife’s dismay. My website has a section to share some of these wonderful joys of life with you…whether it’s beekeeping, brewing beer and hard cider or woodworking, be sure to check it out.

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